Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 23 World Cup SBC Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 23 World Cup SBC

Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 23 World Cup SBC

Nov 22, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

The third day of FIFA World Cup is absolute amazing, congrats to Three Lions and Ecuador! These amazing moments will also be part of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. An 86+ TOTW SBC has been released in FIFA 23, offering FUT players a chance at some of the best players in the game!

With TOTW coming to a stop throughout November and December, the supply of TOTW items will be limited. Completing this SBC could be a good way to get your hands on a TOTW card to use for SBCs, or perhaps you can get lucky enough to pack one for your team.

The best and most exciting duels of the upcoming World Cup will be further fueled with Showdown SBCs in FIFA 23. These matches will feature some of the best players in the world and even World Cup Phenoms. So how much cost for SBC this time?

Cheapest SBC Cost
Completing this SBC will cost you around 30,000 coins. You will need the following overall players and we have provided the cheapest players for each rating: there are four 84 Overall Players and one 86 Overall Players. Make sure you check your club for untradeable players, as this will reduce the cost of the SBC.

Also, there is no chemistry requirement meaning you can place players in any position.

186 and Higher OVR Player
84 Team Overall Rating
11 Players in Squad

Player Rating, Cost, Club and Nation
Muniain - 84 rated - 2,500 coins - Athletic Club - Spain.

Fernando - 83 rated - 900 coins - Sevilla - Brazil

Hradecky - 83 rated - 900 coins - Bayer Leverkusen - Finland

David Silva - 83 rated - 900 coins - Real Sociedad - Spain

De Vrij - 84 rated - 2,500 coins - Inter Milan - Netherlands

Chiellini - 84 rated - 2,500 coins - LAFC - Italy

Hojbjerg - 83 rated - 900 coins - Tottenham - Denmark

Sancho - 84 rated - 2,500 coins - Manchester United - England

Mahrez - 86 rated - 14,500 coins - Man City - Algeria

Gimenez - 83 rated - 900 coins - Atletico Madrid - Uruguay

Pique - 83 rated - 900 coins - Barcelona - Spain

Cost: 29,900 FUT 23 Coins

Players You Can Pack in the FIFA 23 86+ TOTW SBC?
In this pack, you can get any Team of the Week player rated 86 OVR or higher from TOTW 1-9. There are quite a few meta players available in this pack, including Mbappe, Neymar, and Salah.

Here is the full list of players:

Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 23 World Cup SBC12

Highest Value TOTW Items in this SBC Pack
Here are the top five players you can get from this pack:

*Kylian Mbappe – 1.87 Million Coins

*Neymar Jr – 1.05 Million Coins

*Kevin de Bruyne – 464k Coins

*Mohamed Salah – 412k Coins

*Heung Min Son – 374k Coins

Is the 86+ TOTW SBC Worth Completing?
Yes, the 86+ TOTW SBC is absolutely worth completing! Out of a possible 53 players, only 20 are worth less than the pack.

The lowest value 86+ TOTW item is worth 15k, so at most, you will only lose that same amount in value. It is worth the risk considering the players you can pack!

There have also been leaks of a World Cup Hero pack SBC coming, so if you get a bad TOTW from this pack, you could possibly use it in that as well.

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