What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense? What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense?

What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense?

Apr 16, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

In EA FC 24, the defensive depth carries more weight than anticipated, profoundly influencing defensive strategies in real-time situations. This key aspect has the potential to significantly improve your defenses. However, determining ideal defensive depth depends on a variety of factors, including our individual playstyles and the specific opponents we face in each game.

Defensive Depth Of 71

The defensive depth of 71 is something that almost everyone was using when EA FC 24 first dropped. As we remember, because when you put your depth higher than 44, the auto Overload Ball Side comes in, and the team does an auto press.

What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense?

When you put it higher than 70, the team does auto press plus auto Offside Trap, which makes it very suffocating for your opponent to build up because you are constantly pressing him, there is the auto Overload Ball Side, and you won’t lose as much stamina. And you’re also doing auto Offside Traps, which made 71 depth almost unbeatable.

Defensive Depth Of 44

After EA significantly nerfed the auto press feature, many players reverted to using their preferred defensive depth settings. Now, some experts suggest using a depth of 44 for defensive tactics. They argue that at this depth, there is no auto press, allowing the team to maintain shape without auto Overload Ball Side. This can lead to better defensive organization, making it appealing for less skilled players who struggle with positioning and quick switches.

However, whether this approach is effective depends on various factors. While it may offer defensive stability, a depth of 44 results in a static defensive line with no pressing. This means that players who lack the ability to manually press may struggle to disrupt opponent attacks effectively.

Without pressure on the ball, opponents have more time to build up play, making it challenging to defend against even moderately skilled players. Therefore, while using a depth of 44 may seem like a safe option, it can also expose defensive vulnerabilities, especially against opponents who can exploit space and time on the ball.

Other Defensive Depths

There are some other depths to consider, typically ranging between a depth of 45 to 65, or even extending up to 69. When setting your defensive depth above 45, you'll still experience some level of auto press. However, once you surpass 44, the auto press and auto Overload Ball Side functions are activated. The higher the depth setting, the more aggressive the press and Overload Ball Side tactics become.

EA FC 24 Defensive Depth

Gameplay Example

Choosing the appropriate depth ultimately depends on your preferences and playstyles. Let's delve into an example to better illustrate this concept. In the Weekend League, you will encounter opponents of considerable skill. Enhance your players by investing some EA FC 24 Coins and then you will choose to opt to employ a defensive depth setting of 71.

However, you may soon find that this aggressive approach left too many defensive vulnerabilities. Many adversaries exploited this by consistently employing lobbed through passes, long passes, and ground through passes, creating significant challenges for the defense.

Recognizing the need for a tactical adjustment, you then experimented with reducing defensive depth in subsequent matches. Setting it to values such as 65, 68, or 67 allowed you to maintain a higher defensive line while avoiding the pitfalls of an overly aggressive auto Offside Trap.

Tips & Tricks

Recognizing the signs of ineffective defensive depth is critical to adjust tactics during games. If your opponent consistently finds too much space to take Long Shots or execute finishing moves, it may indicate that your defensive depth is too low. In such cases, increasing your depth can help to tighten up your defense and limit your opponent's scoring opportunities.

Similarly, a lack of Counter Attacks in FC 24 may signal that your defensive depth needs adjustment. If your opponent can counter you too frequently, it suggests that your defensive line may be too high, allowing them to exploit space behind your Defenders. Lowering your defensive depth can help to address this issue and prevent your opponent from capitalizing on counterattacking opportunities.

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