Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25 Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25

Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25

Feb 03, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

As the annual gaming cycle continues, we find ourselves at the brink of the much-anticipated EA FC 25 release. I'll be exploring some features and improvements that the community desires for the upcoming installment. Let's make this journey towards FC 25 a collaborative and exciting one!

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Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25

1. Further Improvements To The Practice Arena

One persistent request from the FIFA community revolves around enhancing the Practice Arena. Over recent years, EA Sports has made commendable strides, introducing a new scenarios mode that allows players to manipulate and simulate in-game situations. The addition of the practice match feature, making a return after some absence, has been well-received. However, there’s a unanimous call for this feature’s integration into Career Mode. The desire to conduct non-competitive matches to fine-tuning strategies and test players in different formations remains unmet.

While the Practice Arena has seen improvements, one critical element seems to be missing - the Set Piece Creator feature. Reflecting on the FIFA 14 Practice Arena on next-gen, with its outdoor setting and comprehensive Set Piece customization, it becomes evident that the Set Piece Creator feature adds depth and creativity to tactical preparations. Bringing back this feature would not only engage players but also contribute significantly to refining gameplay strategies.

2. Improve Team Select Menu

Moving beyond the in-game action, the team select menu is an area where players hope for a more modern and intuitive experience. While EA improved the home menu in FC 24, the team-selection process during Kick Off is still a candidate for refinement. The existing layout, with nations at the top, clubs in the middle, and leagues below, has been the standard for years. However, there’s room for improvement, and the community has suggested an intriguing concept to consider.

Inspired by FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s radial menu style, this concept introduces a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Utilizing a circular layout, players can easily navigate through countries, divisions, and teams. The addition of shortcuts allows for swift transitions between leagues and nations. This concept could inject a fresh, modern feel into the team-selection process.

3. Real Face Referees

While FIFA has made remarkable strides in replicating real-life player faces, one area that seems to have been overlooked is referees. Real face referees could significantly enhance the overall visual experience of the game. Considering EA Sports' sponsorship of referee kits, it makes logical sense to incorporate official referee names and faces into the game.

Commencing with the Premier League, a league where EA already includes official referee names in Career Mode, the integration of real face referees could be a gradual yet impactful addition. As partnerships with other leagues continue, the inclusion of real face referees in the Bundesliga, Serie A, LaLiga, and more would be a Welcome to Evolution. This move would not only enrich the visual aspect of the game but also contribute to the immersive nature of FIFA gameplay.

In conclusion, FC 25 holds the promise of exciting improvements and additions. As we embark on this journey, your active participation in shaping the wishlist for FC 25 is crucial. Whether it’s refining the Practice Arena, modernizing the team select menu, or introducing real face referees, the community’s collective voice will undoubtedly influence the direction of FIFA’s future releases.

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