Top 7 Promising Young Strikers In EA FC 24 Career Mode Top 7 Promising Young Strikers In EA FC 24 Career Mode

Top 7 Promising Young Strikers In EA FC 24 Career Mode

Dec 21, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

In this guide, we will rank young Strikers aged 21 and younger. These picks are made based on how they perform in-game right now and the potential they possess. 

If you have enough FC 24 Coins, you can purchase any striker you like and improve them to help you perform better in Career Mode!

Top 7 Promising Young Strikers In EA FC 24 Career Mode

7. Benjamin Sesko

At number 7, we have Benjamin Sesko, the 20-year-old Slovenian from Red Bull Leipzig

He stands an impressive 6'4" tall at 187 lbs. His starting rating is 76, but his potential is a strong 85

Some might call him your budget Erling Haaland. He is big, tall, strong, and fast. On paper, he seems to embody those qualities, with decent attacking positioning complementing his physical attributes. 

In-game, Sesko isn't as much of a presence on the field as Haaland, but his physicality is noteworthy. He's fast, strong, likes to find space, and can overpower opponents. He shows a goal-scoring instinct, frequently positioning himself well. 

However, Sesko, like many young FC 24 Players on our list, struggles with finishing. While he gets into the right positions, he doesn't convert every chance. 

Sesko is intriguing if you enjoy Haaland's style, as he may develop similarly, finding the right spots to score consistently.

6. Youssoufa Moukoko

At number 6, we have Youssoufa Moukoko, the 18-year-old German at Borussia Dortmund

He currently boasts an impressive overall rating of 77, with a potential of 87. He possesses a 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves. His Body Control, Ball Control, and Finishing are his standout qualities. 

With an 86-rated balance, he's challenging to dispossess, and his 85 agility allows sharp turns in-game, particularly noticeable when he has the ball. 

Mukoko excels in creating space in the opponent's penalty area, but his top speed seems a bit lacking, and defenders catch up to him frequently. He performs best in a formation with 2 Strikers, needing a few chances to score. 

Mukoko's rapid first steps and turning ability make him enjoyable to play with, given his incredible potential.

5. Mathys Tel

At number 5, we have the 18-year-old Frenchman, Mathys Tel, from Bayern Munich

Tel is the lowest-rated player on our list, starting at an overall of 73, but possesses a high potential of 88

He boasts a remarkable 4-star weak foot and skill moves, standing at 6'0" and 170 lbs. 

In EA FC 24, Tel's power dribbling and finishing shine beyond his base rating. He demonstrates a knack for finding spaces, despite facing bigger opponents, showcasing strong finishing abilities. 

Additionally, he contributes surprisingly well in passing, aiding in the flow of attacks. 

Tel is a player with considerable room for growth, offering significant strength in front of goal and on the ball.

4. Rasmus Højlund

For the number 4 spot on our list, we head to Manchester for Rasmus Højlund, currently rated at 77 overall at 20 years old. Højlund boasts a potential of 89. 

Notably, his speed and power stand out, along with decent attacking positioning and finishing

In-game, Højlund is always on the move, seeking space behind opponents' defensive lines. He remains available for passes around the opponent's penalty area when in possession. 

However, his finishing lacks precision, often resulting in shots going astray. 

Højlund's strengths lie in his speed and strength, consistently placing him in goal-scoring situations, where finishing becomes the crucial factor.

3. Evan Ferguson

For our next young striker, staying in the Premier League, we have Evan Ferguson at Brighton & Hove Albion

Ferguson, at just 18 years old, boasts an overall of 74 and a potential of 86

While not spectacular on paper, Ferguson exhibits prowess in finishing, jumping, strength, and attacking positioning. 

In-game, he embodies the qualities of a traditional Striker, focusing on goals rather than elaborate dribbles or tricks. 

Ferguson's poaching skills resemble Alan Shearer, albeit not at the same level yet. Given a chance in the penalty box, he's likely to score. 

Ferguson's effectiveness primarily comes from within the box, making him enjoyable to play with and a reliable goal-scorer.

2. Elye Wahi

For our penultimate pick, we move to France, where Elye Wahi plays for Lens

Wahi, currently 20 years old, boasts a 78 overall rating. With 4-star weak foot and skill moves, his main strengths lie in acceleration and sprint speed (rated 88 and 87, respectively). He demonstrates the ability to score with both feet, particularly excelling in finishing with an 81 rating, the highest among our young Strikers. 

In-game, Wahi showcases incredible speed, bursting into spaces and displaying strength on the ball, making it challenging for Defenders

His speed and spatial awareness often position him for scoring opportunities, creating a thrilling playing experience in FC 24.

1. Brian Brobbey

This brings us to our top pick for Strikers aged 21 and under: Brian Brobbey from Ajax

Brobbey, also known affectionately as "Bro Beast" in Amsterdam, is currently 21 years old with an overall rating of 77 and a potential of 85

His standout qualities include physical prowess combined with excellent Ball Control. With 92 strength and 86 balance, Brobbey is difficult to dispossess, while his attacking positioning ensures he's often in the right place at the right time. 

In the game, Brobbey uses his agility well, displaying impressive ball control and positioning. 

However, his scoring ability doesn't match his frequent presence in scoring areas. 

Despite this, his unique gameplay qualities make playing with him enjoyable, especially in repeatedly finding him in goal-scoring positions.

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