Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24! Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24!

Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24!

Feb 18, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

The 3-5-2 formation stands out as an exceptionally effective choice in EA FC 24. When considering formations with 3 or 5 defenders, I firmly believe that the 3-5-2 is the most meta option.

Custom Tactics

Defence: Starting things up with the Defensive Style, I will play it on balance. If you like press after position lost, or if you use it in FC 24, you can use it to the 3-5-2, even from the start of the match. But it’s the best thing to use if you want to start the match, start it with balance. If you are losing, you can switch it to press after position lose.

For Width, I’m going for 40. And then for Depth, I’m going for 65. With the 65 Depth, you will have an absolutely amazing high press in the game. And if you want to go for higher than 65 Depth, there’s no problem at all.

Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24!

Offence: Moving on into Build Up Play, I’m going with balance. For Chance Creation, I’m going with Direct Passing. And to be fair, Direct Passing is the only good meta thing that you can use in FC 24. Within the attack, I’m going for 35 Players in Box, I’m going for 6 Corners, and Free Kicks I like to go with 2.

Player Instructions

Let's delve into the player instructions. Beginning with defensive players, including the Right Center Back, Left Center Back, Central Center Back, and Goalkeeper, it's essential to keep everything on default settings without making any changes. In order for you to have a better gaming experience, using FC 24 Coins to enhance the performance of your players is a useful way.

Left CDM

Let’s move on into the Midfielders. Start things up with the Left CDM. You need a proper Center Defensive Mid in game. He won’t be a box-to-box midfielder, he’s going to be a CDM in game. You won’t see him on the attack, you only going to see him on the defense, intercepting, tackling, and stopping an attack.

For his instructions, you can choose Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back while Attacking, and Cover Center.

Right CDM

Then for the Right CDM, you need a box-to-box midfielder that he’s going to help you on the attack more than the Left CDM. So you need a player who has got good rounded stats, a player who can help you on the attack by assisting and scoring at the same time. He will help you on the defense by intercepting and tackling.

For his instructions, you can choose Get Forward, not only that, also with Cover Center. The reason why I’m not using Stay Back while Attacking for him - The first thing I want to say is that the 3-5-2 is an absolutely great formation for the Tiki Taka. For the second thing, he actually can be really effective in the game.

EA FC 24 Tiki Taka

Right Mid & Left Mid

Moving on into the right mid and left mid, first thing, you need Fullbacks or other players who can help you on the defense. That’s mainly because on the defense, they will come back on defense and play like Fullbacks. They will be covering the wing, basically playing as a Right Back and a Left Back on the defense. On the attack, they are going to play like a Right Wing and a Left Wing. They will always try to get in behind, they will always try to break the defense line.

For the instructions of the Right Mid and Left Mid, we can choose Cut Inside, Get In Behind, Come Back On Defense, and Get Into The Box For Cross.

Center Attacking Mid

Next, let’s talk about the Center Attacking Mid. He’s going to be the connection between your defense and your attack, basically he’s going to be the playmaker on this formation, always asking for the ball, always there for you to pass to, and when he has got the ball, he will be the playmaker, assisting Right Mid, Left Mid, Right Striker, or Left Striker.

For his instructions, you can choose Get Into The Box For Cross.


Let’s move on into the Strikers. With these custom tactics, you need Strikers who have got absolutely great pace in the game, because you will always see them trying to get in behind and break the defense line. So basically, use the strikers who have got at least 90 pace in game.

For the instructions for the Right Striker and Left Striker, you can choose Get In Behind, and Stay Forward.

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