How To Win More Games With 4-4-2 Meta Tactics In EA FC 24? How To Win More Games With 4-4-2 Meta Tactics In EA FC 24?

How To Win More Games With 4-4-2 Meta Tactics In EA FC 24?

Oct 20, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Since EA FC 24 is still in its early stages, most players are still trying to get used to the game’s meta. Among them, 4-4-2 is one of the most popular Meta Formations. This is because it provides the most balanced and conducive environment for players to adapt to new game mechanics.

While formations are a key factor in your performance on the virtual pitch, they still rely on correct tactics and player instructions. Therefore, it is equally important to have the right players in the right positions.

4-4-2 Meta Tactics

Tactically, the defensive set-up needs to be balanced. Although the defensive tactic, “Press After Possession Loss” can sometimes be useful. But it often takes your defender out of a position of safety and leaves you exposed.

Therefore, your defensive width should remain at 50 and your defensive depth at 45. If you are a veteran of the series and can perform player switching and manual pressing effectively, you can even increase the depth to 60.

In addition, you also need to control the number of players in the box to 5-6, and invest EA Sports FC Coins according to your needs to improve the players’ stats.

EA FC 24: How To Win More Games With 4-4-2 Meta Tactics?

Custom Offensive Tactics

One of the biggest advantages of the 4-4-2 formation is its balance of attack and defense. To start a counterattack, use CM, RB or LB to trigger a run of RM or LM and ST. Point LB toward the player, then press L1 and LB to trigger a run. If the run is covered, then continue dribbling without passing until you are pressed.

In EA FC 24, prioritize playing the wings in a slower attacking style and look to cut back to finish the game with ease. We can also replicate faster this on counterattacks.

Custom Defensive Tactics

With a defensive depth of 72, your team will often automatically press. If this isn’t your defensive style, lower it to suit your own needs.

Relative to tackles this year, interceptions are especially strong. So you need to cover passing lanes and bait passes, not dive in for tackles. Be extra careful with your first pass after regaining possession, as attackers can intercept effectively this year.

Best 4-4-2 Player Instructions

Unlike previous years, Get In Behind instruction is no longer useful in the latest games. Because it creates an enormous gap between the midfielders and forwards. Instruct two strikers to return to defense and stay in the middle, with one striker playing the role of False 9. The two wide midfielders will be instructed to “Come back on defense” and get into the box to cross.

At this point, don’t forget to instruct the two central midfielders to cover the center. One of them stays in the backfield on offense while the other maintains a balanced offensive run. At this point, you must instruct the two full-backs to stay behind during the attack.

  • GK: Default
  • LB: Stay Back While Attacking, Overlap
  • RB: Stay Back While Attacking, Overlap
  • CBs: Default
  • RM: Get Into Box For Cross
  • LM: Get Into Box For Cross
  • LCM: Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center
  • RCM: Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center
  • ST: Stay Forward
  • ST: Stay Forward, Get in behind

EA FC 24: The Best Meta 442 Tactics - Pro Custom Tactics

PlayStyles Best Suited For 4-4-2 Formations

Similar to its predecessor, Pace is extremely important in EA FC 24. However, the addition of the new PlayStyles system introduces some unique factors that one must consider when choosing a lineup.

With the introduction of the new “Advanced Defending” system in HyperMotion V, defenders with Bruiser PlayStyles and Anticipate PlayStyles are very handy when defending. Likewise, those with Finesse Shot PlayStyle are lethal on offense and can score from ridiculous ranges.

PlayStyles like Incision Pass and Pinged Pass are useful for midfielders. Rapid and Quick-Step can increase the winger’s movement speed.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the 4-4-2 formation, along with the correct bespoke tactics and player instructions, is crucial to success. The 4-4-2 formation tends to suit a variety of different PlayStyles and strategies. So choose the tactics that best suit your preferences so you can get the best out of them on the field.

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