How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Mar 14, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a game-changing formation in EA FC 24 - the 4-2-4 formation. This formation is designed to apply immense pressure on your opponents, ultimately increasing your chances of securing wins in games. So, without wasting time, let’s dive right into it!

How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Custom Tactics

To begin with, let's delve into the tactics which include the defensive tactics and offensive tactics:

Defensive Tactics: The Defensive Style remains as balanced as ever. Then set the Width on 45 and Depth on 65. Remember that with depth, just play whatever you are most comfortable with. If you like 60, you can just play 60. It's all depends on your preference. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Offensive Tactics: Balanced on Build Up Play. and Direct Passing on Chance Creation. It’s just the best way to get wins in this game. Then set Width on 50. We really want to be stretching the play with those left Wings and right Wings. Even though 50 is not too crazy, it may leave them out in those wide areas.

Then, for the Players in Box, set on 5. We don’t want those central Midfielders over-committing. The Corners should be on 3. We like to score those front post headers and with Free Kicks. So at last, we set Free Kicks on 2.

Player Instructions

Next, we are going to start talking about player instructions.

Strikers: The 2 Strikers for us both need to Stay Central. That is all very basic. You don’t have to put much on them. However, they aren’t the most agile Strikers in the game, but you can have a lot of fun with the power shots.

You can make the most of incredible shooting with that power shot. If you’re still using Mbappé and Eusébio's, they’re perfect for this Striker. Eusébio's on Left Striker and Mbappé on Right Striker and it is perfect.

Wingers: The Wingers are both on the same instructions, they’re just both on Come Back On Defense and Come Short. So, they’re going to support the play, they’re not going to get in the box all the time. They are going to pop up with their work rate, but the idea is that they’re going to be showing feet.

So, I recommend you have players that are all good at dribbling, like Claudia Pina and Ansu Fati. Pina doesn’t really have that much pace, but she gets away with it because she has the Finesse Shot Playstyle+. You can get this outstanding player using EA Sports FC 24 Coins.

EA FC 24 Claudia Pina

You have those variables if you’re using someone who has got the Finesse Shot Playstyle+. Then, having them cut in on their right foot on the left-hand side and on their left foot on the right-hand side is quite desirable. But for the most part, we’re looking for those cross-body shots. Just treat them like your Strikers because they are just as important.

Midfielders: The 2 central Midfielders Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. They are staying back, but they will pop up now and again with the goals. I recommend that you have midfielders that can score. Team of the Year Rodri, who is the perfect player for having that out-and-out CDM feel, but he can score goals. The Gündoğan is also recommended. He is insane and super undervalued.

If you’re struggling defensively, have an out-and-out CDM and then at least one box to box. But if you are comfortable with the way your team defends and you don’t feel too weak defensively, you could go with having 2 box-to-box Midfielders. They definitely have some defensive stats and playstyles in these positions.

Goalkeeper: The Goalkeeper is just on Balanced. We just leave him as is. Besides, we try to limit the AI involvement.

Fullbacks: Our one fullback is to Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap, and the other one is on Balanced and overlap. All the instructions are the same. It doesn’t matter what Fullback you have to go forward. Just have whichever one your most attacking Fullback is.

That concludes the presentation of the 4-2-4 formation, which is truly remarkable. You'll find it enjoyable and employ this formation to apply pressure on your opponents. I'm confident that it will lead to more victories for you!

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