Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League

Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League

Apr 10, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

I’m here to walk you through everything you need to know about D-pad tactics. Many players may not be familiar with D-pad tactics, but they do work because they allow you to give instructions to players without pausing the game. These D-pad tactics are crucial for becoming a pro player in the EA FC 24.

Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League

Let's begin by discussing all the available options. Initially, there are 8 different choices for D-pad tactics, comprising four D-pad up tactics and four D-pad down tactics. We'll commence with the D-pad up tactics first.

D-Pad Up (Attacking Tactics)

Extra Striker: The first one is to press your D-pad up and down. It means that one of your Center Backs goes up front, but I don’t really think this happens.

Hug Sideline: This tactic is to press up and to the right. This one is really useful this year because if you play a formation with only Full Backs, for example, the 4-3-2-1, your Full Backs will hug the sideline, which makes it significantly easier to build up and to find them in the overlap when you’re building up.

You may want to create the run with your Full Backs in that formation. They will always be on the sideline, so they will create a lot of width in your attack. Don’t forget to allocate some FC 24 Coins to enhance the abilities of your Full Backs and improve your overall gaming experience.

Attacking Full Backs: For this one, you need to perform by pressing your D-pad arrow up and to the left. This means you can put your Full Backs on joining the attack, which you can also do in the instructions. So that’s something that could be really effective.

Get In The Box: This tactic only works if you need to go all out without attacking. All the players need to go forward. When you will probably lose, chasing a game with 1 or 2 goals, 10, 15 minutes left, you can just put them in Get in the Box. In any other situation, I would not recommend using this.

EA FC 24 D-Pad Tactics

D-Pad Down (Defending Tactics)

Then, the next 4 tactics are defensive tactics when you press down on the d-pad.

Team Press: Team Press this year isn’t really effective. But you perform that by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then to the left. This will make all your players push up on the pitch and try to pressure the opponent in situations where this can be useful.

For example, in the 75th minute or 80th when your opponent has a goal kick and you didn’t install your press tactics, make sure to have this tactic where you have constant pressure.

Overload Ball Side: Avoid using that because it drains your player's stamina. But if you want to know how to perform it, you perform it by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then to the right.

Striker Drop Back: The tactic I always use is Striker Drop Back. You can perform this tactic by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then up. It will make your Striker drop back more, so it will be more compact in defense.

Offside Trap: The tactic is the most important one. You can perform this tactic by pressing your D-pad arrow down 2 times. The Offside Trap is a dangerous one as well because this really makes you a good defender in the EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Offside Trap

If you mistime this, you will allow your opponents to have a lot of chances out of nowhere. If you practice this and master it, it will make you an insane Defender in the EA FC 24. This won’t allow your opponent to reach your box easily.

For example, if your opponent passes back, you pull off an Offside Trap that makes your last line push up higher, which will make it harder for him to break you down. And every time your opponent is turning back or passing back, just make use of this.

The Importance Of Full Backs

The Hug Sideline and Attacking Full Backs are amazing in combination in EA Sports FC 24 this year. Full Backs are really important in this year’s game, especially if you play a 4-3-2-1. They might be the most important players in that formation.

When they hug the sideline and go high up, so you play them on Hug Sideline and Attacking Full Backs, they will be high up on the sideline every time. So the switch will be open every single time, and this makes it so hard for your opponent to defend because you can just switch to the side, and you will get into a 2v1 situation on the wing every single time.

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