5 Must-Know Skill Moves To Improve Your Close Dribbling In EA FC 24 5 Must-Know Skill Moves To Improve Your Close Dribbling In EA FC 24

5 Must-Know Skill Moves To Improve Your Close Dribbling In EA FC 24

Apr 23, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

As we all know, skill moves play an important part in EA FC 24. Executing them at the right moment can truly alter the course of the game. Today, I'm going to reveal 5 skill moves of dribbling effectively in tight areas and close quarters. I'll demonstrate how to perform the skill move, the ideal timing for its execution, and how to maximize its effectiveness.

5 Must-Know Skill Moves To Improve Your Close Dribbling In EA FC 24

Reverse Elastic

Introducing the highly effective skill move for close-quarters play inside the box - the Reverse Elastic. Widely regarded as one of the top skill moves in 1v1 situations, the Reverse Elastic is known for its effectiveness in tight situations.

To execute it in FC 24, initiate a half-circle motion with your right stick, starting from the left side of your player, moving backward, and ending on the right side. This sequence is tailored for right-footed players. For left-footed ones, simply reverse the direction.

The Reverse Elastic's versatility makes it invaluable for evading Defenders and creating scoring opportunities. Whether you're looking to maneuver past opponents in a crowded box or make a decisive cut towards goal, the Reverse Elastic excels in both scenarios.

Flair Nutmeg

Then the Flair Nutmeg stands out as one of the premier skill moves for navigating tight spaces inside the box in FC 24. It's particularly effective for close dribbling and excels in tight situations, making it a top choice for skilled players with at least 4-star skill ratings.

To execute this move, start by holding down the R1 and L1 buttons on PlayStation, or the RP and LP buttons on the Xbox. Then, flick your right stick in the direction you want your player to move. Your player will seamlessly perform the Flair Nutmeg move.

What sets Flair Nutmeg apart is his lightning speed in the game. Moreover, it allows you to maneuver your player in any direction you desire - whether it's to the right, left, backward, or forward.

La Croqueta

Next up, we have got the La Croqueta, an absolutely great skill move in tight situations and close dribbling. If you want to perform it, you have to be using a player that has got 4-star skill moves.

EA FC 24 La Croqueta

It's very simple to do it in the game. If you are on PlayStation, hold the L1 button and then hold your right stick to the right of your player or the left of your player. If you are moving with your player to the right and you want to go down with him, hold the L1 button and then hold your right stick down. If you are on Xbox, hold the LB button and then hold your right stick down or up.

There are some situations where the La Croqueta can be really effective for you, especially if you are on the wing and you want to cut inside the box. Perform a fake shot, make your player fully stopped, and then perform a La Croqueta, and you're going to escape from the Defenders.

Mcgeady Spin Cancel

Moving on to the next skill move, we have got a skill combo this time and probably the best skill cancel in FC 24, which is the Mcgeady Spin Cancel. To perform it, 5-star skill moves are required, so you can only execute it with a 5-star player. Spending some EA FC 24 Coins to upgrade your player's abilities is crucial.

The Mcgeady Spin Cancel is done by flicking your right stick forward and then flicking it again up or down, depending on where you want to move your player. Then, quickly while your player is performing the Mcgeady Spin Cancel skill move, you have to cancel the skill move, which is done by pressing the R2 and the L2 at the same time on PlayStation, or if you are on Xbox, press the RT and the LT at the same time.

With that, you'll cancel the skill move and activate the Mcgeady Spin Cancel, which is by far the best skill move to cancel in FC 24. This animation allows your player to keep the ball close, making it perfect for 1v1 situations. It's particularly effective for tight dribbling, mainly because not everyone is familiar with the move.


Next up, we have one of the most meta skill moves for - Stepovers. This skill move is widely recognized for its effectiveness in tight situations. To perform it in FC 24, all you need is a player with 2-star skill moves, allowing for versatility across your team.

To execute the Stepovers, simply flick your right stick forward and slightly up or down on Xbox or PlayStation. Using the Stepovers with a player possessing the Rapid Playstyle+ or the Quick Step Playstyle+ enhances its effectiveness, as it grants a speed boost during gameplay.

After performing the Stepovers, you can further capitalize on their momentum by holding down the R2 button on PlayStation or the RT button on the Xbox. This action triggers a burst of acceleration, allowing your player to surge forward.

The versatility of the Stepovers makes them applicable in various situations, from creating space with your Defender to evading high-pressure situations. However, they shine brightest when utilized in the wing. The speed boost gained after executing the Stepovers enables Wingers to sprint past Defenders effortlessly, resembling the unstoppable pace of a player like Killian Mbappé.

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