3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team 3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Feb 17, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Allow me to provide you with some useful tips to enhance your skills in EA FC 24. By integrating these strategies into your playstyle, you’ll not only secure more victories but also gain a competitive edge in closely contested matches, ultimately emerging victorious. I sincerely hope you find value in and enjoy this guide.

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3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Choose Right Position

This tip is so important in FC 24. You can learn as many tips as you want, but if your player positioning is weak both attacking wise and defensively. You may not get a good score.

Firstly, for the defensive structure, keep your backline in a straight line vertically. This makes it much harder for your opponent to break your defensive wall. Only bring your defender out when you feel that you can win the ball back. Instead of using your defenders and dragging them out of position, try to use your midfielders as much as possible to defend. And then offensively, try as much as possible to keep the ball moving forward. If there are no passing options available, try passing sideways until one opportunity appears. Don’t pass for the sake of passing as they will keep getting intercepted.

Change Switching Mode

I can guarantee that most of the players are using the L1 player switching. However, what I find with L1 player switching is that it is too slow and is only useful for switching to players close next to each other. Also, it is reliant on the game switching for you. What you need to learn is to move away from L1 player switching and move to right stick switching.

Right stick switching is very difficult to master, but when mastered, it is a real game-changer. Before you start to learn to right stick switch, make sure to go to your settings, turn right stick switching to Classic, and make sure to turn the reference to player relative. Now, for the sensitivity, anywhere between 4 and 8 is good. I have it on 7 as that is where I feel the most comfortable in, as well as finding it quick to switch. Whilst also staying in control of my player switching. By learning this technique, you will be able to switch faster, more effectively, and you are more in control.

Player Lock

A player lock is when you lock onto another player and then the AI will take over the player you were on previously. With the player you have locked onto, you can decide to make a run in behind the defense or move into an open space for an extra passing option. Once you are satisfied, you press the pass, pass cross, or through ball button and there you go the player lock.

I would suggest letting the AI keep the ball for a maximum of 2 seconds before making a decision. Also, make sure when you do make your runs that you keep on side and have space around you as you could get tackled straight away by the opponent player.

There are tips to get better at FC 24. Remember, this will take time and effort, but it will pay off and make you better at FC 24.

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