Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 23 Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 23

Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 23

Nov 02, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

FUT Heroes Card is one the most famous promotions in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Various interesting promotions are introduced to Ultimate Team, includes the Rulebreakers promotion. Heroes cards are the most interesting part that have been released since the very first brought into the series from FIFA 22, those cards are inspired from the game and comic.

Beside the Heroes you can get from the packs, Squad Building Challenge is another hero cards getting method, via completing in-game objectives. An easy-to-complete SBC has given players the chance to pick up a Hero with a rating of 85-87, and more of these are sure to come later this year. All Heroes now have two different version cards, their base cards which can get currently, and a boosted World Cup version which will be picked up in packs from the 11th of November, and the packs you can buy via FUT 23 Coins.

The highest rated Heroes base cards all have an 89 overall rating including Rudi Voller, Lucio, and David Ginola. All are great cards that would slot into most FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams.

The popular Frenchman Ginola is the strongest, this star who is well known for his time in the Premier League with Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur, has incredible pace and dribbling stats to rival any of today's top players. While the default position for Ginola's card is left midfield, it can be switched to a striker, left winger, midfielder, making him incredibly versatile.

Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 231

The base card rating of 87 Manchester City legend Yaya Toure is arguably the best of all the Heroes currently in FIFA 23, and can rival the best players in the game. With a stand-out physical stat of 89 along with high passing, shooting, and dribbling stats, Toure is the perfect all-round midfielder. The former City man's default position is a defensive midfielder where there are only a few standouts across FIFA 23, making him an obvious choice for teams playing somebody in front of the defense.

Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 232

After Toure, the best midfielder available in the promotion is Juventus legend Claudio Marchisio who has an 87 overall rating. However, all six key stats featured on the card of pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, strength, and defending are all higher than 80. This makes the Italian a great alternative in midfield and one who can dominate any game. The card's default position is centre midfield, making it perfect for all 4-4-2 formations.

Best FUT Hero Cards You Can Not Miss in FIFA 233

Overall, those are the Heroes Cards you can not miss, if you want to know more, keep following us in UTnice and we will keep updating.

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