Best Free Agent Cards You Can Not Miss in NBA 2K23 Best Free Agent Cards You Can Not Miss in NBA 2K23

Best Free Agent Cards You Can Not Miss in NBA 2K23

Oct 15, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

People often undervalue the worth of a Free Agent cards in NBA 2K23. It's understandable that their lack of permanence in a roster can be the cause for some concern. But this is a mindset the MyTeam experts don't have, so today I would like to introduce the best free agent cards you can have in the game.

Best Free Agent Cards You Can Not Miss in NBA 2K231

Don't be fooled by the name, Vince Carter is not just a great dunker, he's a legendary dunker. Note that almost no play fills up the takeover meter the way a highlight reel dunk does, so this style is more than just for fun; it benefits the whole team.
Beyond the obvious, Carter is a gifted shooter and has top-tier shooting badges in his arsenal. On the other end of the court, one of Carter's six Hall of Fame badges is on the defense/rebounding end, giving him a very complete set of skills.

Quantity is quality when it comes to badges. Trae Young has every badge except for one ranked at silver or better. Point guards that legitimately have no hole in their game benefit pro players the most.
Young's lowest playmaking score is a sky-high 92. Free Agent cards are usually used to pull a team through a tough game. Trae Young's "pull" in this regard is hard to beat.

A 6'9" pure small forward with 94 speed and acceleration? Those may look like typos since gamers can't even create a MyPlayer with stats that unbalanced. But LeBron James has them on the card, ready to ruin anybody's day that expects a fair fight.
James has seven Hall of Fame badges split among all the offensive categories. Beyond just badges and attributes, James only has three shooting areas that aren't red hot. If he's on the left of the court when he puts one up, it takes a big mistake to miss.

It will surprise exactly zero fans of the modern NBA that Stephen Curry's Free Agent card has a perfect 99 rating. Any remarkable three-point shooter build should be based on Curry's style as he has transformed the NBA. Pure shooting isn't the only purpose of the card.
In fact, the playmaking of Curry is just as incredible. Between the shooting and playmaking badges, there are only three that this card doesn't have. With seven Hall of Fame badges and a staggering twenty-eight gold badges, Curry is the point guard player's need in a tight spot.

Finally, perhaps nothing tells the value of Michael Jordan's Free Agent card as well as this: Aside from strength, interior defense, blocks, and rebounding, every one of Jordan's attributes is at least an 80. That is terrifyingly good for a shooting guard across the map.
His badges are pretty evenly split across all four categories. So evenly, that players may want to move him over to small forward at times. At 6'6", he does just fine there. He's got the best-looking dunks and his shooting stroke isn't far behind.

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