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    NBA 2K22: Take your chance to get more MyTeam cards

    NBA 2K22 Season 8 is in full swing, and more and more MyTeam cards are gradually entering our field of vision. Just yesterday, the Best Of MyTEAM set was officially released, and for now, we have ample opportunity to acquire a plethora of useful player cards.

    1. Best of MyTeam Super Pack

    NBA 2K22 Season 8 is bringing more surprises, and more and more MyTeam cards are gradually entering our field of vision. Just yesterday, MyTEAM's best suits were officially released, and right now, we have ample opportunity to get a ton of useful player cards.

    2. End Game Pack

    The End Game Pack includes some invincible cards that definitely deserve your attention. They've also been added to the Best of MyTeam Super Pack, featuring popular players Tacko Fall and JR Smith.

    All in all, there are a lot of cards in this series with impressive data, including:

    DM Derrick Rose (Invincible) - PG/SG

    DM Terrence Ross (MyTEAM Anniversary) - SG/PG

    DM Michael Jordan (Invincible) - SG/SF

    DM Kobe Bryant (Invincible) - SG/PG

    DM Shaquille O'Neal (End Game) - C/PF

    DM LaMelo Ball (End Game) - PG/SG

    DM Tony Parker (MyTEAM Anniversary) - PG/SG

    DM Ralph Sampson (MyTEAM Anniversary) - C/PF

    DM Giannis Antetokoumpo (Invincible) - PF/SF

    DM LeBron James (Invincible) - SF/PF

    Players can buy these packs according to their needs. Meanwhile, the NBA 2K23 MyTeam Challenge is still waiting for you to complete, and you can beat the cover athlete team in Triple Threat, including Devin Booker, Michael Jordan and Luka Doncic. After successfully completing the challenge, you can get in NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 a Diamond Jordan Shoe, 5 Attributes, 23 Tokens and HOF Badge.

    If you want more information about the NBA 2K series, a visit to will be of great help. You can also buy NBA 2K22 MT here to get your favorite Dark Matter cards.

    Jul 14, 2022

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    NBA 2K23: Players' expectations of MyTeam

    As summer approaches, the expectations of loyal fans of the NBA 2K franchise will rise with the temperature. Because there are still three months before we have NBA 2K23. And in the meantime, we'll learn more during this period.

    MyTeam has been the biggest selling point of the entire NBA 2K game, and it brings plenty of room for customization. Players can build their teams, decide on Franchises and different appearances in MyTeam, and its rich gameplay has received a lot of praise. As for the upcoming NBA 2K23, players can expect to experience more in its MyTeam mode.

    It's no doubt that players want MyTeam to offer more skill challenges with free packs and Locker Codes. Getting rewards is always exciting, and getting a sense of achievement and actual rewards can make the game more fun.

    Second, players look forward to seeing additional new gameplay and modes. Innovation is the fundamental way to keep a game alive, and players want to try more new fun here. Based on the feedback received, players are the most vocal about the 2v2 mode. Maybe NBA 2K23 can bring this new gameplay and give it more new charm.

    In addition, looking at the experience of the previous game, Clutch Time in NBA 2K22 MyTeam has received most of the praise, and players are eager to return to this limited-time game mode. If MyTeam can bring this mode again, I believe there will be more and more positive comments.

    There's already a leak showing that NBA 2K23 will be released on September 16, which is similar to last year, so there's some credibility.

    UTNICE will continue to bring you the latest news on NBA 2K23, and you are welcome to keep following us so as not to be left behind, here you can not only get the latest NBA 2K23 information but also buy NBA 2K23 MT to get a better experience in MyTeam.

    Jun 09, 2022

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    Madden 22: Tricks That Can Help You To Master The Ultimate Team Faster

    Madden Ultimate Team, aka MUT, is a unique game experience in Madden 22, which combines the best features of football and games, including solo challenges, collections, head-to-head multiplayer experience, etc.

    If you want to invest your time in the competitive experience, MUT provides you with a lot of content. UTNICE will give some detailed suggestions to point you in the right direction and where you can continue to branch out.

    Ultimate Team started with solo challenges as a soft introduction to its working methods and rewards provided. Once the MUT menu is available, the categories of things you can do are divided into 5 different tabs, namely Play, Missions, Marketplace, My Team, and Competitive. Each tab has some different activities and things to manage. You can stick to the Play tab from the beginning.

    In Madden 22, challenges and solo battles will become the main ways to earn Madden 22 Coins. After completing the introduction challenge, the next thing to worry about is to complete the Ultimate Team campaign and the Gridiron Forge challenge. This campaign will continue throughout the NFL season to build a team. Many basic and advanced mechanics are taught step by step in the campaign, so full attention must be paid to this. In Gridiron Forge, you can test your team to get higher rewards, from tier 1 to tier 20 rewards. These tiers reset, and Gridiron Forge will indicate when the new Forge will come, and there will be a new one in almost half a month.

    Solo Battles and H2H Season

    Solo Battles will provide new rewards every week, if you don't spend time in the campaign, it will be difficult to complete.

    The H2H season allows players to compete for rankings. As the season continues enough wins will eventually lead to the Madden NFL 22 Super Bowl.

    Play tab

    MUT Champion is a weekend league. It features a limited number of games to climb up a ladder ranking.

    Squads let 2-3 players gather together to compete with other teams.

    Draft is another player-to-player mode, where each game is composed of teams that have just been drafted. Unfortunately, in Madden 22, the rewards of Draft and Salary Cap are greatly reduced, and it is not worth your time to create a team.

    Mission tab

    You can get extra MUT levels here and get the ultimate champion, Kam Chancellor. Here you can complete the Team Captains and Team Builder activities.

    MUT Marketplace

    There are some items here, including pay-to-win Fantasy Packs. Simply put, if you have more MUT 22 Coins, you can buy great players to join your roster.


    Here you can adjust the lineup of the team. The Game Option settings are also here, and the team can be renamed here.

    In addition, each player card has different stats. The most important stats are speed and technical ability. The higher the OVR of the player card, the better the player's performance. Of course, you also need to spend more Madden 22 Coins. After completing The Campaign Challenges, all activities will be more meaningful.

    In short, Madden 22 Coins play an important role in all activities, so they will be essential. If you don't want to spend extra time in the game to earn Coins, then it will be feasible to buy Madden 22 Coins from UTNICE.

    Aug 26, 2021

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