Who Is the Most Outstanding Reciver You Can Use in Madden 23 Who Is the Most Outstanding Reciver You Can Use in Madden 23

Who Is the Most Outstanding Reciver You Can Use in Madden 23

Dec 08, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Think of how many times a 50/50 ball gets tossed in Madden NFL 23. 99% of the time, this will be an incomplete pass or an interception. the odds are so poor that gamers try hard to avoid the circumstance at all. What if, for these handfuls of tossups, the receiver came down with the ball? In that situation, players would be much more open to taking risks in Madden NFL 23. For some players, it's hardly even risky. Elite wide receivers can jump higher than those who cover them, resulting in an edge that pros will abuse until they either win or their opponent quits. So today I would like to introduce some good recivers you can use your team in Madden 23.

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Justin Jefferson - 96 OVR
Justin Jefferson was second only to Cooper Kupp in terms of yardage last season and somehow only given a 93 OVR. Call it the annual football rumor mill in full effect, but it seemed like everyone know this was going to increase. Jefferson uses every tool a receiver has, between speed, route-running, hands, and toughness. The young player is already an annual lock to make the Pro Bowl. The Vikings are the toast of the NFL so far with Jefferson setting the tone every chance he gets.

Cooper Kupp - 97 OVR
When predicting where the top-rated players would rank up, Kupp was a consensus 99. He started the year at a 98 to the outrage of his fans. The Rams, in the middle of a significant backslide, have struggled and Kupp's rating has also fallen to a 97.

Although Kupp led all receivers in every category last year and nearly broke every single-season record that exists for wide receivers, ratings are often based on how the team does more than the individual player. Before his injury that may be season-ending, Kupp did lead the league in receptions, so that should count for something going into next year.

Tyreek Hill - 98 OVR
When comparing this year's Madden to last year's, some things will change and others will stay the same. Tyreek Hill had a bit of both as his team went from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins but his speed and acceleration are still a perfect 99. Apparently, some experts figured that most of Tyreek Hill's success came from Patrick Mahomes. Halfway through the year, even with injuries to the starting quarterback, Hill has still been the most productive wide receiver. At this rate, he should be in the 99 OVR club sooner than later.

Davante Adams - 99 OVR
At some point, experts began to look at all the MVP awards for Aaron Rodgers and thought to themselves, "How is this guy still completing so many tight passes?" The answer to their question? Davante Adams. When it comes to hands and route-running, he's almost without equal.

That's why Adams got slapped with the perfect 99 OVR this year, the only receiver to get the designation. He's continued his amazing streak for the Raiders. The team itself has been putrid, but they can't blame that on their stud receiver who is doing everything he can to win games.

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