The Latest Patch 1.06 on Madden 23 Updates The Latest Patch 1.06 on Madden 23 Updates

The Latest Patch 1.06 on Madden 23 Updates

Oct 21, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

As the end of October, Madden 23 has received an update, Patch 1.06. You can check out the details and patch notes below.

The Latest Patch 1.06 on Madden 23 Updates1

Madden 23 Patch 1.06 Details and Notes:

The latest Madden update, Patch 1.06, is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox. According to the official patch notes, this is more of a hotfix than a full-blown patch. The update itself introduces some minor tweaks and changes to the game. In addition, Madden 23 version 1.06 also features general stability fixes and improvements.

You can expect to see Play Now Live updates for the following weeks:

Week 10 of the Regular Season

Wild Card Round

Super Bowl

The update piggybacks off changes made in the last title update that dropped on October 13,  just one week ago.

And those patch details from the developers' releasing:

Do not upgrade any Most Feared Monster Maker players as it can lock your account out of Ultimate Team.

We are currently working on fixing this issue and unlocking any players impacted.

Updates on this will be threaded below.

Players who upgraded Monster Maker players should have access Ultimate Team again.

Players can safely upgrade Monster Makers going forward.

We have disabled chemistry options on Monster Makers for the time being as we are investigating an issue.

Overall Conclusion:

As the title suggests, the rather large update addresses a host of gameplay-related issues as well as fixes a host of minor franchise bugs many are sure to appreciate.

Among the gameplay issues addressed, the title update also sees improvements to the presentation including UI fixes, mode-specific changes outside of Franchise, and of course, updates to Madden Ultimate Team.

Chances are, this patch should address any issues with Monster Makers and the like, and if we do get any official patch notes from EA, we'll update the article accordingly.

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