Outstanding Finishing Badges for Slashers in NBA 2K23 Outstanding Finishing Badges for Slashers in NBA 2K23

Outstanding Finishing Badges for Slashers in NBA 2K23

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In NBA 2K23, Slasher is basically a player who scores points in bunches by driving to the basket. It's oftentimes a shooting guard or small forward that prefers driving to the basket for a layup or dunk and who may not have the most reliable jump shot. However, they tend to be stout with their perimeter defense. A Slasher is someone that relies more on receiving and does not have much to offer when creating for teammates.

If you want a build of a slasher like Anthony Edwards or Russell Westbrook, you'll need to be an excellent finisher while being able to survive on the perimeter. It all lies in your badge game to make this happen.


The best Finishing badges for a Slasher in NBA 2K23

This section focuses on the Finishing badges that are best for the Slasher archetype. Because of the Slasher's goal is to make it to the basket and hit easy layups, dunks, and close shots, there is more NBA 2K23 MT requirements if you want to invest on it.

Aerial Wizard
Since you’ll have no choice but to start with a Tier 1 badge, the Aerial Wizard badge is the way to go. A Slasher should be well equipped to cut to the basket and throw down an alley-oop pass from a teammate, or soar in for a putback finish. Having a long wingspan will help in this regard. You’ll need good timing here as this badge helps successfully connect with the  alley–oop passes and putback dunks.

Fearless Finisher
After getting the necessary Tier 1 badges, you’ll need to prioritize the Fearless Finisher badge next.  It’s hard making shots when met with defenses and hit with contact. As a Slasher, you will be making a lot of contact down low as you attack the basket. This badge will improve your ability to convert contact layups. It also reduces the energy you lose from contact layups.

Pro Touch
The Pro Touch is a Tier 2 badge that gives an additional boost for having good layup timing. You’ll need to excel at both layups and dunks as a slasher as a dunk won’t always be available to you. This also means you may have to adjust your layup timing to account for defenders.

The Acrobat badge is another Tier 2 badge. Acrobat specifically adds a boost to spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts. Further, you receive an added boost to beating defenders with a gather.

A Slasher needs to have smooth drives to the basket and it’s easier to gather through traffic with the Slithery badge. Slithery is a Tier 3 badge, requiring ten points invested in Tiers 1 and 2 before unlocking the ability to purchase Tier 3 badge points.

Fast Twitch
Slashers tend to miss easy layups when defenses are well-timed. However, many are quick off of the dribble and bounce. The Fast Twitch badge is crucial to convert those first and second chance points as this badge helps speed up standing layups or dunks around the rim. This can affect the defense’s timing, making them react just a fraction of a second too late.

The Bully Badge is optional when you are a Slasher. Still, it helps to power through with your drives to the basket. As a Slasher, hitting the lane quick and with power is important to success.

Limitless Takeoff
With some of the post defenders in the league, it may be best to target a badge that increases your takeoff distance so that you can avoid them or disrupt their timing. The Limitless Takeoff badge favors dunks and layups from a distance.


Once you’ve adjusted your takeoff range, another Tier 3 badge you're going to need as a slasher in 2K23 is the Posterizer badge. It simply improves the likelihood of posterizing your opponent, but can also translate to easy two points with a highlight. Remember, Remember, "Highlight Plays" increase your "Teammate Grade" meter and leads to more fans.

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