New Celebrity Cards Have Been Released in NBA 2K23 New Celebrity Cards Have Been Released in NBA 2K23

New Celebrity Cards Have Been Released in NBA 2K23

Nov 11, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

I do believe that almost everyone has their dreams on basketball, even the rap stars included. Now this time J. Cole and Jack Harlow can officially make their video game hoop dreams come ture, EA has already revealed on Wednesday (November 9) that the rappers will be available to be used in MyTEAM mode's Crossover series this week, but for a limited time only. Then they've both been added as playable characters in NBA 2K23 in the latest update on Novermber 10 and both Cole and Harlow were given solid 89 overall ratings in the game.

The NBA 2K23 also teased that fans can earn other celebrity player cards as characters inside different game mode in the future. So maybe we can look forward to Travis Scott, Post Malone or even Eminem celebrity cards in the future version?  

In September, J. Cole was unveiled as the cover star for the DREAMER Edition of NBA 2K23, becoming the first rapper to grace the cover of the video game franchise.

"NBA 2K has long been a place to discover new musical talent through their game and continues to be a gold standard for showcasing all things basketball culture," Cole said in a statement. "It's been an amazing journey to not only appear on a cover of this year's game, but to be part of the My Career storyline, soundtrack and bring the DREAMER brand into NBA 2K."

In addition to the cover, Cole plays a major role in this year's My Career game mode alongside fellow Dreamville artists Bas and Elite. He even serves up a never-before-heard verse in the studio in one scene in the storyline.

Jack Harlow has plenty of basketball connections of his own. The Louisville, Kentucky native participated in the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend and is set to star in a reboot of the classic 90s hoop flick White Men Can't Jump, for which he received some coaching tips from Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard, thus I think that is the reason him can become a part to celebrity cards.

Alright let's back to the game content, along with those two interesting cards, the Moon Ball is also another thing that worth to collect. But how to get those three items?

Actually it very easy, for the J. Cole celebrity card, you need to complete the Spotlight challenges in a limited time. Just play a few rounds games without any NBA 2K23 MT requirements, you can get him for free.

New Celebrity Cards have been released in NBA 2K2323

Jack Harlow is the same stuffs as well, very easy to obtain. But there is one thing I would like to mention is you can not use those cards in the online mode, your firends can not witness Cole dunk over MJ's head any more, sad story.

New Celebrity Cards have been released in NBA 2K2356416

The Moon Ball would be a little bit complicate, but still easy to get it. First of all, you have to obtain J. Cole and Jack Harlow cards and complete their challenges. Then you have to complete challenge against Booker, MJ, and Ja Morant via using J. Cole and Jack Harlow.

New Celebrity Cards have been released in NBA 2K2335841

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