NBA 2K22: MyTeam Mystic Packs Have Arrived

Nov 25, 2021 Source: UTNICE More News

The NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs have been released and feature many stars, as well as 3 Pink Diamond items and 3 NBA 75 cards. UTNICE has collected some of the latest details, including the latest 2K Locker Codes and Season Agendas.

MyTeam Mystic Packs add Giannis, T-Mac Pink Diamonds

Two-time MVP and NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo got a brand new Pink Diamond in the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs. He has 2 different PD items, one of which is the NBA 75 edition card.

Giannis' attributes include his new item features 93 offense and 99 defense. The most important attributes include his 90 for interior and perimeter defense, 89 speed, 88 stamina, and 93 Driving Layup.

Tracy McGrady is another pink diamond in the new packs. The other two players received NBA 75 diamond cards, including guards James Harden and John Stockton.

* Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

* Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond (NBA 75)

* Tracy McGrady - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

* James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

* James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond

* Drazen Petrovic - 93 OVR Diamond

* John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

* John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond

* Dino Radja - 91 OVR Amethyst

* Eddie Jones - 91 OVR Amethyst

* Dejounte Murray - 90 OVR Amethyst

* O.J. Mayo - 89 OVR Ruby

* Wang Zhi Zhi - 89 OVR Ruby

* Dell Curry - 88 OVR Ruby

* Jonathan Isaac - 86 OVR Sapphire

Locker Codes

* The code is good for one week. Redeem it by entering “MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNIS” into the Community Hub area or 2K mobile app.

* Use the code “THANKS-BKN-BOS-2K22” for a Deluxe Mystic Pack and 2XP Coin. Available for one week.

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