MLB The Show 23: A Quick Rookie Guide To The Best Batting Stance MLB The Show 23: A Quick Rookie Guide To The Best Batting Stance

MLB The Show 23: A Quick Rookie Guide To The Best Batting Stance

Mar 30, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

In MLB The Show 23, it is impossible to automatically match the best batting posture for each player, because this is a very subjective game operation, and it also has a great impact on the player's win or loss in each game. There will also be some players who will be good at Contact Hitting, or Power Hitting, and gradually form their own hitting styles.

These individual differences will only affect the player's hitting level more and more. However, the vast majority of MLB The Show 23 players only need to make some positioning adjustments to some players with fixed position preferences, then players can easily understand every process of hitting the ball, so as to create their own Great hitting position. This will be more useful than simply using MLB The Show 23 Stubs or other equipment to improve strength.

Choosing A Batting Stance

Players can usually customize and randomly select a pose template before the game. Generic Stance 1 is best used until the player can understand exactly what each element means. This Generic Stance 1 can ensure that the player's parameter levels in all aspects are balanced.

After a period of contact in the game, players will understand their game needs and batting habits. After the player understands these basic information, they can go back and choose a suitable template and make corresponding adjustments to it.

Best Batting Stances In MLB The Show 23

Hand Offset

If the player wants to hit the ball at X, there is some difficulty, because the landing point here is related to the distance the player moved before hitting Contact Hitting.

It needs to be close to the head, but the arms can't be stretched that far. This means that the arm needs to swing as early as possible to get to the front of the court quickly. Of course, as the player gets farther away from point X, the faster the arm needs to swing.

Hand Rotation

Adjustments to hand rotation are usually related to the angle of the baseball swing. If the player is hitting the ball at a flat angle, then naturally no adjustments need to be made and the lob will be hit with maximum power. If the player is accustomed to hitting the ball at a high angle, the baseball will fly out in a circle at a relatively low distance.

Yordan Alvarez's hitting action is a very good example. As an excellent Left Fielder, he is used to hitting the ball very low, even at negative angles. Therefore, his presence is a fatal blow to all high hitters in the field.

The BEST Batting Stances And Swings For Your Created Player

Forward Foot Offset

When players understand how to maintain the correct hitting posture, the most important thing is to pay attention to Z-axis offset of the front foot. If a player finds himself regularly hitting a lot of throw-ins to one side, this will be the first place you need to adjust.

Players can use Closed Stance, and hitters will find that they can expand the entire range of the ball. Consistently drawing fouls from opposing players can even improve this range. This is the method used by Top-tier second baseman Jose Altuve.

Hitting the ball in X-axis area will pay more attention to the distribution of power in the player's hips. Especially in Tight Stance, players will hit the ball more easily. Those players who stand up front can also adjust their stance to gain more power on early strokes.

The above are the points that novice players need to pay attention to when finding the most suitable hitting posture for themselves. The first step is to swing lightly to increase contact while conserving energy. The second step is to increase the speed of the ball while increasing the actual contact rate. As long as the player achieves a good balance between the two, I believe that he will be able to find his own best hitting posture soon.

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