Is EA FC 24 Better Than FIFA 23? - Hands-On Gameplay Preview Is EA FC 24 Better Than FIFA 23? - Hands-On Gameplay Preview

Is EA FC 24 Better Than FIFA 23? - Hands-On Gameplay Preview

Aug 01, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

After getting hands-on with EA FC 24 at the launch event in Amsterdam last week, the new game has everything that made FIFA 23 a success whilst new features and updates both on and off the pitch offer a new appeal that’s been missing for years.

Losing the FIFA name was always going to be a tough obstacle for EA Sports to overcome. But if the current state of EA FC 24 is anything to go by, the future is bright for the new football game franchise.

Is EA FC 24 Better Than FIFA 23? - Hands-On Gameplay Preview

Despite the new name, football fans all have their reasons to be pessimistic about EA FC 24, especially when you consider the last few FIFA titles released by EA Sports. The game lacked substantial changes year on year, albeit with a few fancy presentation features added on top. So, with EA having the ability to almost start the franchise from scratch, expectations are sky high.

Will the first installment of the EA Sports FC era be the same game with a new name? Or, is this really the start of something new, something to get fans excited and let loose from the shackles after an underwhelming few years?

Every year, EA gets fans excited in the builder to a FIFA release with a bunch of trailers and deep dives. Though apart from FIFA 23, which saw the introduction of accelerate that really gave the game a new feel, each game felt a bit flat gameplay wise with each title almost feeling quite similar to the previous one.

But in the alpha version of EA FC 24, I played during EA’s official reveal event in Amsterdam. The gameplay did feel different. And, personally, it felt more reflective of a real game of football. The gameplay itself felt quite slow in comparison to FIFA 23, although the caveat to this is that this is me comparing EFC 24 to the current set of Ultimate Team, where most players you face possess a pace rating of over 90.

What impressed me the most about EA FC 24 is the new HyperMotion V technology. For the first time, EA has used new technology, using volumetric data for more than 180 professional men’s and women’s football matches to influence players’ movements in the game.

EA FC 24 HyperMotion V technology

HyperMotion V technology has helped introduce a bunch of new features into the games, such as Precision Passing, Effort Dribble Touch and what I felt was the big biggest change responsive shooting. All the new additions were noticeable in the gameplay and all played a big part in the improved feel. But the increased responsiveness when I aimed for goal was the pick of the bunch.

My players would now shoot when I wanted them to shoot. And with HyperMotion V, a whole new variety of shooting techniques were on show.

AcceleRATE 2.0 saw four new running styles introduced on top of Lengthy, Controlled and Explosive whilst AI Mimic allows AI to replicate how players move in EA FC 24 to give players realistic run styles.

The prime example in which I noticed HyperMotion V in full effect was with EA FC 24 cover star Erling Haaland Manchester City, with one of just four teams available for us to use. And Haaland feels extremely overpowered. It almost feels as if the new features introduced have been made with Haaland in mind. The Striker was quicker, stronger, and more deadly in front of golden anyone else.

By the way, if you want more excellent players to join your team, or you want to improve your players faster, then you must prepare enough FC 24 Coins in advance.

EA has received a bit of flack over the last few years regarding gameplay. But what they did get right was the presentation and cut scene animations and that remains in FC 24.

We use the Champions League mode to play the new game. And the new cut scenes in the in-game menus from the pitch side to the tunnel really added a new level of authenticity to the game.

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Another factor I loved was the animation that played out after a foul was made. If a free kick was won in a dangerous position, you would see the game from the referee’s perspective, with players crowding the official with appeals as he sprays the markings on the floor.

A feature that received a well a mixed reception was new on-screen graphics that popped onto the screen when the ball went out of play. Possession graphics covered the pitch whilst the throne was being taken or 3D shot graphics would appear before a gold kick. I personally liked it, but many others didn’t.

One new factor which I felt was pretty anonymous in the game, however, was Play Styles. Replacing the Trait System from FIFA 23, Play Styles are supposedly meant to hand players certain advantages over others, though I never noticed any of these Play Styles making much to a difference in game.

Ultimate Team is always the same for EA. With the introduction of women’s players, Ultimate Team Evolutions, and a host of other new features, Ultimate Team will be the biggest game mode once again. It’s the gameplay that’s often let down EA in the past, which in my opinion should be the number one priority for the game.

But if this early version of EA FC 24 is close to the final game, that’s released, EA has got the fundamental spot on. And I’m excited to see what the future holds for EA FC 24.

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