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FUT 22 UK Release Date, Trailers, Cross-Platform And Latest News

With FUT 21 already seemingly getting stale, players are already looking ahead to the release of FUT 22, but when is it coming out?

Year-on-year, even with the limited changes that occur, EA Sports' FUT franchise remains immensely popular among gamers, especially with its ever-popular Ultimate Team game mode raking in the big bucks.

Since its 1993 Mega Drive inception, we've received a new football game from EA every year, and the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ensures that this winter will be no different.

Who is the FUT 22 cover star?

Last year, FUT 21 was hindered by the global pandemic, even though it was ushering in a new set of consoles.

The expectation for FUT 22 is already running high and there might even be opportunities in the build-up to its release to play the game early.

But what will it look like, how will it play, and when is it due for release?

When is the FUT 22 release date?

Unfortunately, EA Sports has yet to officially confirm the release date for FUT 22, but we can hazard a decent guess based on previous FUT release dates.

FUT 19 and FUT 20 both launched on Friday's around the middle of September in their respective years.

Based on this, we suspect FUT 22 could be released on Friday, 17 September.

It's also worth remembering that last year's FUT 21 bucked the trend somewhat, launching on the second Friday of October instead of the usual September slot.

And if EA wants to make sure that FUT 22 launches a full year after FUT 21, we could be looking at Friday, 8 October instead.

When is the FUT 22 trailer coming out?

Last year, the FUT 21 trailer was released at EA Play Live (held after E3) as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, there is no trailer for FUT 22, but the first trailer is usually released in June and we'll have that for you as soon as it is.

When is the FUT 22 demo release date?

With a release date, hopefully, back to normal this year, we should see a demo come out in early September.

With the expected release date of FUT 22 being between 24 September and 8 October, the demo should arrive between 10 September and 24 September.

What teams will be in the demo?

The FUT demo gives players a selection of clubs from around the world to test out the gameplay.

All clubs used in the demo are more than likely to have partnership deals with EA Sports, with realistic game face scans for most of their squad.

The FUT 20 demo had Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur at players' disposal.

And for FUT 22, we expect the clubs to be the following:

Borussia Dortmund


Inter Milan

Manchester City


Real Madrid

Will there be cross-platform capability in FUT 22?

FUT has long been destined for cross-play support, but for some reason, EA has been very reluctant to do it.

It seems almost every other franchise is supporting it, with the likes of Call of Duty now supporting cross-generational gaming.

But what's the latest status on cross-play in FUT 21?

The simple answer is that we do not know, however, there's a lot of evidence that suggests it could happen and a lot that suggests it couldn't.

Recently, Need For Speed Heat became the first EA game to implement cross-platform play, so EA doesn't seem to be totally against the idea.

But with the transfer market so heavily saturated on both PlayStation and Xbox, it's unlikely that FUT will be heading down the cross-platform route anytime soon.

For now, we'll just have to wait, see and pray.

Which platforms and consoles will get FUT 22?

It seems wise to expect that FUT 22 will reach all of the same platforms as FUT 21, which means we should see the game roll out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

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