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FIFA 22: Some Classic Features Need To Be Removed From Ultimate Team!

One of EA's most successful stories is FIFA Ultimate Team, so FIFA 22 still returns to this mode with new features and concepts. However, some gamers think it's time to make some changes, and they want to put to bed some of the long-term features that the series is based on.

Since FIFA Ultimate Team debuted in FIFA 09, the series has made considerable progress. Just the expansion of the base game has expanded into a veritable wealth growth, and this trend continues.

Many of the excellent elements of Ultimate Team still exist in the game, such as its pack opening and making custom teams featuring the best players in the world.

But in recent years, EA decided to remove the concept of fitness and fitness card from FUT, and gamers are now calling for more classic functions to follow suit.

In the early games, maintaining your FUT is the key to ensuring that you have a fully fit and uninjured squad.

FIFA 21 ends the concept of team fitness because it just unnecessarily distracts the more interesting aspects of the game mode. Players now also feel that it is time to show the contract and healing items the door. Similarly, before the game mode is eliminated, fitness is an important element, contracts and healing are also developing in a similar direction, and the past Compared with the iterations, the big difference of FIFA Ultimate is its rich packs.

The early version of FUT did not have FUT Champion, Div Rivals, SBCs, or all the interesting variants now. This means you have fewer packs to open, fewer fitness consumables, contract cards, and healing items. In FIFA 22, FUT provides a large number of ways to obtain free packs, which means that once scarce items are now an afterthought. Times are changing, so some classic features will eventually be phased out in popular game modes in the future.

Gamers also expect the FIFA series of games to become better and better, until getting close to perfect. Once FIFA 22 has any new content, UTNICE will also update the news in time and publish relevant information on Twitter.

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