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FIFA 22: Neymar Jr Flashback SBC

The promo for FIFA 22 Future Stars, it not only showed the new 2 potential stars, but also a brand new Neymar Jr flashback card.

This card won't compete with other versions of Neymar Jr out in the wild, but the difference in position could make all the difference.

Neymar Jr (87OVR)

Start Date: Feb 13

Expiry Date: Feb 27

How to unlock Neymar Jr's Flashback card?

To unlock Neymar Jr's new FIFA 22 flashback card, which requires 2 different squads. There is currently no reward listed on the FIFA 22 web app for teams that complete 2 requirements, but it should make a statement, and UTNICE will then give an explanation.

The squad requirements:


* Minimum 1 Brazil player

* Minimum 1 TOTW player

* Minimum 85 Team Rating

* Minimum 65 Team Chemistry

Ligue 2

* Minimum 1 Ligue 1 player

* Minimum 1 TOTW player

* Minimum 86 Team Rating

* Minimum 60 Team Chemistry

This will probably cost you around 250,000 FIFA 22 Coins. With more relevant information, UTNICE will also share it here in time, which will bring you a better gaming experience.

UTNICE not only provides FIFA 22 related strategies but also provides cheap FIFA 22 Coins, which will help you reach your goals faster in the game.

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