Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo! Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo!

Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo!

Apr 17, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

With most domestic leagues approaching the end of their seasons, EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has also announced the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Team of the Season Promo Event.

As one of the largest and best promo events in Ultimate Team, TOTS will reward the best players in world football with significant stat boosts. It’s worth noting that its promotion will be bigger than ever this year, so expect more squads and new TOTS changes in the coming weeks.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to prepare for this upcoming TOTS promo event and share ways to increase your chances of getting blue player items. If you want a head start when entering this event, don’t miss this guide.

Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo!

Keys To Prepare For TOTS

Currently, TOTS Warmup Series has been launched, and players can complete a series of challenges to obtain generous rewards before TOTS promo event is officially released.

A fan vote is also expected to be held by Ultimate Team community soon. Players can vote for players they think should be selected for Community TOTS, Premier League TOTS, Bundesliga TOTS, La Liga TOTS and a number of other TOTS squads.

In fact, the keyway to prepare for TOTS promo is to be patient and stock up on enough packs. No matter how tempted you are, save as many packs as you can and don’t be tempted by any released and overpriced Player SBCs. Because you need to save these fodders for when TOTS starts.

But I’m not saying go spend your hard-earned FUT 24 Coins to buy all the packs when TOTS launches, as there are plenty of other ways to get packs without spending a penny.

Participate In TOTS Warmup Series

Since TOTS Warmup Series is now living in Ultimate Team, this event is all about helping you prepare for the official TOTS start date.

The developers will release daily SBC challenges and Objectives for players to complete over the next week, and in return you will receive packs and player picks that can be saved to TOTS. Additionally, daily login upgrades will also be returning in TOTS Warmup, so be sure to take advantage of this. 

But remember, no matter what rewards you get, don’t try to open them! There are only a few days left until TOTS goes live, so try to avoid temptation.

EA FC 24: Participate In TOTS Warmup Series

Avoid Wasting Fodder

Currently, there are multiple Icon, Hero and special item player picks SBCs that can be completed, but it has to be said that they are not cheap.

You only have a slight chance of pulling a huge multi-million icon. But more likely than not, your original player picks cost less than the amount of fodder you put into your SBC, and you’ve wasted useful resources by the time TOTS shows up.

Each TOTS promo event arrives, EA Sports releases a series of TOTS-themed SBCs, TOTS players, guaranteed TOTS packs, and more SBCs that will make it even better for you than you already are. So when they drop, save as many fodders as possible just in case.

If you really want to complete some SBCs, the low-requirement upgrade packs are still very useful, as long as you save the upgrade packs for when TOTS arrives.

Spend More Time Completing Game Objectives

The last and easiest way to prepare is to spend more time playing the game before TOTS promo arrives. Rewards in Rivals and Champions in particular have been improved before TOTS, so make sure you play as much as possible to accumulate as many pack rewards as possible.

This way, not only do you complete some objectives, but you also gain access to additional packs. So, this is also another effective way to earn free rewards for TOTS in a timely manner.

It’s important to note that none of these methods guarantee you a TOTS player item, as the items you get in a pack are entirely dependent on luck. But thinking about it another way, if you save more packs, it means you have more chances to get those coveted blue player items! So, hurry up and join in!

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