The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team! The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Mar 30, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Welcome to our new formation guide! Today, we’ll delve into the 4-2-1-3 formation in EA FC 24. These tactics will help you get more wins in FUT Champs and Division Rivals! Let’s explore its potential for creating a distinctive gameplay experience.

Now, when we’re defending with this formation and this setup, how we have it is basically going to make it so that you are defending with 5 in midfield and make it essentially a 4-5-1. When you are attacking, you have the benefits of that Center Attacking Mid, Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Striker.

The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: First, we go into Defensive Style of balanced. There are so many people running balanced defensive style. This is a formation that we’re going to start the game with. Balanced gives us just the most neutral setup.

For our defensive Width, I go 45. This just means that when the opponent has the ball, we’re tucked in ever so slightly. So, the 45 width just means that basically when the opponent’s moving in around the 18-yard box, we’re a bit more compact.

I’m using a Depth of 64. If you go for 46 depth or higher, you trigger an automatic AI press, which was introduced in FC 24. If you’re prefer a depth of 45 to 50, that’s perfectly fine. However, I find 64 depth to be ideal for the 4-2-1-3 formation.

Offensive Tactics: In our Build Up Play, we stick with balance. While slow Build Up allows for methodical play, it leaves you vulnerable to counters. I also tried a long ball for a counter-attacking approach with the wingers, but it felt too one-dimensional. Balance offers a mix of both, which I find ideal.

For Chance Creation, I opted for forward runs instead of possession. Forward runs spread the play, creating 1v1 battles across the field, giving us numerous attacking options in the final third. However, this approach requires caution, as it can leave us exposed to counter attacks.

In terms of Width, I prefer a narrow setup with a width of 35. The 4-2-1-3 formation naturally provides width, and with player instructions, it creates a unique defensive and attacking structure.

We commit numbers forward with 7 Players in Box, allowing for attacking opportunities. While this might leave the Center Attacking Midfielder occasionally forward, it’s balanced out by defensive instructions. Regarding set-pieces, it’s a matter of personal preference. I opt for 1 player on Corners and Free Kicks, but choose what works best for you.

Player Instructions

Goalkeeper: If you want to run sweeper-keeper, who comes across to deal with over-the-top through balls and to handle the opponent's ability to cross the ball, feel free. I haven't run it as much this year, to be honest with you, but it can really work when you have the right sort of keeper with it, who's confident coming out to claim and confident kind of being quick off their line.

Right Back & Left Back: The strategy differs. The Right Back stays up while attacking, while the Left Back adopts a balanced approach with Overlap. It's a matter of personal preference. The side doesn't matter. Whichever player you prefer to push forward more will work fine.

I opt for Destiny Udogie to advance more aggressively. I do this because I believe having all defenders stay back can hinder our attacking potential. By committing slightly more defensively, we maintain balance. 

Defensive Midfielders: Both of our Defensive Midfielders are instructed to Stay Back While Attacking, Cut Passing Lanes, and Cover Center. This setup allows us to maintain defensive solidity while still committing numbers forward.

One of our Defensive Midfielders, advance because of a triggered run, Ugar remains to hold, providing us with an additional layer of defensive cover and preventing the opponent's center attack from breaking through.

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