New 4-2-3-1(2) Formation Is Worth Trying For The Weekend League In EA FC 24 New 4-2-3-1(2) Formation Is Worth Trying For The Weekend League In EA FC 24

New 4-2-3-1(2) Formation Is Worth Trying For The Weekend League In EA FC 24

Apr 26, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Hi, players! My goal for today is to introduce some fresh tactics in EA FC 24. We’ll be focusing on the 4-2-3-1, specifically the second variation featuring the Left and Right Mids. As usual, I’ll delve into custom tactics and player instructions. Additionally, I’ll provide gameplay examples to illustrate the strategies effectively.

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: First, for Defensive Style, we always stay on balanced. In the normal situation, I will choose to set the width on 40, but this time I’ve gone for a bit of a lower depth with 45. I’ve done that because this formation is excellent when it’s compact and you can counter attack very well.

New 4-2-3-1(2) Formation Is Worth Trying For The Weekend League In EA FC 24

Offensive Tactics: The Build UP Play is on balanced again and then opt Direct Passing for the Chance Creation. In every formation, that’s objectively the best, unless you’re maybe playing a narrow formation, which you want to use a fast build up.

Then we go the width on 40 because the formation in itself is already very wide, so with 40, they’ll be a bit more balanced, and we don’t really want them to touch the sideline. The Player In Box is on 4, which contains 1 Striker and 3 Attacking Midfielders. Then set the Corners on 3 and Free Kicks on 2. That’s irrelevant if the formation is just whatever you prefer.

Player Instructions

Now let’s get into the players instruction. For the Goalkeeper and 2 Center Backs, they are all as usual. It’s on default, so don’t need to change anything as good as it is. For the Left and Right Back, both on Stay Back While Attacking for this formation. You want to keep them in place and don't try to make things too complicated.

CDM: Now, let's focus on the Central Defensive Midfielders (CDMs). Typically, you'll want one player to adopt a more defensive role while the other takes on a more attacking stance. In our setup, we have Fridolina Rolfo as the defensive CDM, offering solid defensive capabilities. Alongside Fridolina Rolfo, we have Bruno Fernandes, who brings creativity and attacking prowess to the midfield.

Both players should be set to Cover Center, but for Bruno Fernandes, the more attacking CDM set him to Balanced Attack. As for Fridolina Rolfo, the defensive anchor, it's best to set her to Stay Back While Attacking. This configuration allows Bruno to contribute more to the attack while still maintaining defensive stability, ensuring we're prepared for both offensive opportunities and defensive counter attacks.

EA FC 24 Fridolina Rolfo

CAM: As for the Attacking Midfielder, we've opted for Kevin De Bruyne. However, you can also use an attacker in this position. I prefer players with solid defensive stats who contribute to the defensive effort. For Kevin De Bruyne, we've chosen not to apply any specific instructions because we believe a balanced defensive is appropriate. He naturally contributes to defense, and there's no need for additional defensive duties.

Left & Right Mid: On the left side, we have Kylian Mbappe, who will be instructed to Get Behind because of his incredible speed. He needs to consistently pressure the opponent's defense by making runs in behind.

On the right side, we have George Best. We've left everything on default but added Get Into The Box For Crosses. With Davies on the left, who has an excellent crossing ability, we want Best to make runs at the back post to receive crosses, regardless of his height.

Striker: As for our Striker, we have Eusébio, who will be instructed to Stay Central and Target Player. He needs to stay in the middle to receive support from teammates while being the main goal-scoring threat.

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