You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24! You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24!

You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24!

Sep 20, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

This offensive play is glitched and leaves your Tight End wide open every single time.

You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24!

About The Glitch

The offensive playbook we’re in is the Chicago Bears Offense. Now, this works for Regs but not Madden Ultimate Team. The play call we’re going to use is PA End Around. 

Now, this play is in the Singleback Wing formation in the Chicago Bears Playbook. I believe it’s only in this playbook inside of Regs Head to Head and the play call will be PA End Around.

The reason why this works is if you hold your right trigger, you see that there is no passing icon over Conklin (a player you can get by using your Madden 24 Coins). He’s thrown into a block. 

Madden 24 About The Glitch Example 1

But if I go ahead and I go on defense and I try to man up Conklin again, no icon shows up, meaning that nobody is able to man assign themselves to this player.

So, if I audible out of PA End Around, I can throw him now onto a Streak Route. The defense, as I said, cannot man themselves up to Conklin. Despite switching on to different players and trying the man coverage Conklin or manually man coverage Conklin, you can not assign a man coverage player to this Tight End.

Madden 24 About The Glitch Example 2

With that being said, if your opponent snaps his football, nobody goes ahead and tries to cover this Tight End. And he’s going to be off to the races for an extremely easy one to play touchdown.

How To Stop The Glitch?

Now, there are three ways to stop this glitch:

The first way is to run Zone Coverage. If you just go into a Zone Coverage on your defense, which could be a Cover 2, a Cover 3 or even in this case a Cover 4 Show 2, you’re able to get your safeties to acknowledge this Tight End. This is solely a man-to-man glitch. This will not work against a Zone Coverage defense. Because despite running this man up glitch, when we run the zone, both safeties follow the Tight End on the play.

The second way to stop it is by zoning the Tight End’s Man Assignment. What I mean by this is if you’re still wanting to run man-to-man coverage or you still want to Blitz while being able to stop this, what you want to do is take the player that should be manned up on this Tight End and throw him into a zone.

Madden 24 How To Stop The Glitch?

What this is going to do is prevent your opponent from throwing that one play touchdown. You could still get some pressure, but you still have some really solid coverage on your opponent.

The third step is the User Coverage the Tight End. If you still want to run man-to-man coverage, grab the linebacker or the deep safety that should be covering the Tight End and just run some User Coverage on them.

Now that we know how to stop it, we can break down some ways to really abuse this while on offense. If you want, you can now switch formations while running this glitch. You don’t have to be in the same formation that you came out in to be able to run this. 

As long as you came out in PA End Around and switched into another play that has a Tight End on the route, you are never going to have him manned up on the play. So, what that means is you can come out in more popular formations, like Deuce Close, or come off in a slight place like Wing Slot Offset and still be able to run this exact play or this exact glitch.

And I promise, the more you run this on offense, the more frustrating it’s going to be for your opponent’s defense trying to get a stop on this glitch.

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