Update on Patch 1.06 Brings More Posibilities to FIFA 23 Update on Patch 1.06 Brings More Posibilities to FIFA 23

Update on Patch 1.06 Brings More Posibilities to FIFA 23

Nov 18, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

For the coming up World Cup, EA did some updates on FIFA 23 1.06 patch. Besides the Ultimate Team, the updates on Career Mode is also impressive. Thus today I would like to talk about some details on this World Cup updates.

Update on Patch 1.06 Brings More Posibilities to FIFA 23654

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:
*Added a Win-Loss counter in the FUT Champions hub that tracks performance for the current Play-Offs and Finals competitions.
*Updated some UI elements in the FUT Store and added labels for Most Popular and Best Value FIFA Point bundles.

Addressed the following issues:
*Controller and Camera Settings could incorrectly reset to default after staying in the menus for an extended period of time.
*Some FUT Moments challenges were not tracking correctly.
*Walkout animations did not always play as intended when opening packs.
*The Squad Builder could sometimes place Player Items in unintended positions.
*Out-of-position Concept Player Items did not display chemistry information.
*Addressed stability issues that could occur in FUT Moments and in Objectives.
*Public Co-Op Squads did not always display correct chemistry information, this was a visual issue only.

FIFA World Cup

Addressed the following issues:
*The FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals Knockout Stage bracket was incorrectly generated.
In some cases, players were not able to play online.
*An incorrect kit could display when choosing a kit for Brazil.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:
*Youth Player Potential could sometimes decrease regardless of their performance.
*Center Backs were not appearing in the youth scout report.
*Sometimes, two models of the same player could welcome new signings to the club.
*Player Sharpness did not display correctly in Team Management during matches, this was a visual issue only.
*The Squad Hub did not always correctly display a player's availability following a red card.
*Following some transfers, the financial tip could have incorrectly listed that a sum of zero could have been saved.
*In Player Career, the Player Growth Hub did not always display Attribute increases from Activities, this was a visual issue only.
*Objectives did not display in Player Career when two input devices were enabled.
*For some transfers, the letter grade shown on screen was unintentionally negative.
*Addressed a stability issue that could occur in Training.

The updates on this patch bring more possibilities to FIFA 23 in World Cup period, about the gameplay part we will keep updating in the future, so please keep your eyes on UTnice.

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