Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode

Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode

Sep 26, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Do you know the feeling of starting a new franchise, only to be bored with it after the first season or winning a Super Bowl? Stick around for challenges that will keep your franchise fresh.

Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode

1. One-Year Wonders

Our first challenge is called One-Year Wonders.

The idea behind this challenge is to keep your roster dynamic and flexible. It adds an extra layer of difficulty, as you’ll need to rebuild your team every year. Although this means you will have to spend a lot of Madden 24 Coins, it also keeps things fresh and exciting.


  1. Only sign free agents to one-year contracts. 
  2. No extensions allowed during the season. You must wait for free agency. 
  3. You can resign players, but again only to one-year deals.

The New England Patriots have been known for signing players to short-term prove it deals, giving them a chance to earn a bigger contract either with the Patriots or elsewhere. 

Teams Well Suited For This Challenge 

Miami Dolphins. They have a young core and plenty of cap space, making them ideal for short-term contracts.

Indianapolis Colts. Known for their smart cap management, the Colts would be a great fit for this challenge.

2. Draft Day Deal 

Our next challenge is the Draft Day Deal

The idea here is to make every Draft Day a blockbuster event. You’ll need to trade up for a top 10 pick every year, adding a layer of excitement and strategy to your draft experience.


  1. Trade up to secure at least one top 10 pick in every draft.
  2. You can trade future picks, but you cannot trade future top 10 first round picks. You are allowed to trade top 10 picks in the upcoming draft as long as it’s within the top 10.
  3. The player you draft must be a starter in their rookie season.

A real life example: the Atlanta Falcons famously traded up to draft Julio Jones in 2011, giving up five picks to get him. It was a high-risk move that paid off big time.

Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

Jacksonville Jaguars. With multiple draft picks and a young roster, they’re well suited for aggressive Draft Day moves.

San Francisco 49ers. Known for their Draft Day Trades, the 49ers have the assets to make big moves. 

3. Underdogs Unite 

Our third challenge is called Underdogs Unite.

The idea here is to build a team without any superstars. You’ll have to rely on teamwork and strategy rather than individual talent, making everyone that much more satisfying.


  1. No players rated above 90 are allowed on your team.
  2. If a player’s rating goes above 90, you must trade or release them. You can’t sign free agents rated above 90.

A real life example: the 2001 New England Patriots were not filled with superstars but relied on teamwork to win the Super Bowl.

Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

Detroit Lions. A team in rebuild mode with few high rated players making them a perfect fit.

Carolina Panthers. Another team with a young core and no superstars ideal for this challenge.

4. No Kicking Challenge 

Our fourth challenge is the No Kicking Challenge.

The idea here is to add some high stakes excitement to your games. Forget about field goals, extra points, or punts, you’re going all in on every drive.


  1. You cannot kick any field goals, extra points, or punts. 
  2. You must go for a two-point conversion after every touchdown. 
  3. On every fourth down, you must go for it regardless of field position.

A real life example: the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles, dubbed the ‘Phillies Special’, famously went for it on fourth down during the Super Bowl, leading to a crucial touchdown.

Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

Kansas City Chiefs. With a high-powered offense, they’re built for aggressive play calling.

Baltimore Ravens. Known for their strong running game, they’re well suited for fourth down conversions.

5. Franchise Savior 

Our final challenge is the Franchise Savior.

The idea here is to turn a losing team into a winner in just one season. It’s the ultimate test of your managerial skills and game strategy.


  1. Start with a team that had a losing record in the previous 2022 season.
  2. Achieve a winning record in the current 2023 season. 
  3. You cannot simulate games. You must play them.

A real life example: the 1999 St Louis Rams went from a 4 and 12 season to winning the Super Bowl the following year thanks to the emergence of Kurt Warner.

Teams Well Suited For This Challenge 

New York Jets. A team with a lot of young talent but a losing record making them ripe for a turnaround. If up for the challenge, follow real-life events with Rogers being out for what most likely is the rest of the season. Turn the ship around with Zach Wilson or make tough decisions. 

Arizona Cardinals. Another team with potential but a disappointing previous season ideal for this challenge. The Cardinals showed through the first three weeks of the NFL season that there is more to them than everybody thought. An interesting story to play out with Kyler Murray may be coming back later.

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