Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed! Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed!

Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed!

Sep 14, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

EA Sports have revealed the top 24 players in EA Sports FC 24. If you are considering your team members recently, you may wish to take a look at the following rankings.

Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed!

Starting at the 24 is Olympique Lyonnais’s Ada Hegerberg, rated at 89 overall.

Ranked 23rd is Liverpool’s Goalkeeper Allison, who stays at 89 rated.

Ranked 22nd is Liverpool’s Defender Virgil van Dijk, who’s gone down 1 from 90 to 89 overall in EC 24.

Ranked 21st is FC Barcelona’s Marc-André ter Stegen, given a rating of 89 overall.

Ranked 20th is San Diego Wave’s Alex Morgan, again rated at 89 overall.

Ranked 19th is Al Hilal’s Neymar Jr, given a rating of 89 overall.

Ranked 18th is Manchester City’s Rodri. His ranking is the first major upgrade and has gone from 87 overall to 89 overall.

The overall of the player ranked 17th also improved significantly. This time is for Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid. He’s gone up from 86 to 89 in EA FC 24.

Ranked 16th is Rúben Dias of Manchester City. He’s been given a slight bump from 88 to 89.

Ranked 15th is Mapi León of Barcelona at 89 overall.

Ranked 14th is Kadidiatou Diani of Olympique Lyonnais, rated at 89 overall.

Ranked 13th is Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, who’s somehow gone from 90 to 89. In the EA FC 24, that’s a big downgrade.

Ranked 12th is Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona. He’s gone down from 91 to 90.

Ranked 11th is Caroline Graham Hansen of Barcelona at 90 overall.

Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 1

And now we get into the top 10, where things get really exciting.

Fresh after his move to Germany, it’s Harry Kane coming in at number 10 for Bayern Munich at 90 overall.

At number nine, we have Thibaut Courtois of Real Madrid, again rated at 90 overall.

At eight, we have Karen Benzema, who was 91 in FIFA 23 as joint highest rated, but has now dropped to 90 overall after he’s moved to Saudi Arabia.

At number seven, we have Chelsea’s Striker Sam Kerr at 90 overall.

At six, it’s the goat himself, Leonel Messi of Inter Miami, who’s dropped from 91 to 90 in EC 24. And he’s not one of the highest rated players in an EA Sports title for well forever.

And number five, it’s Aitana Bonmatí of Barcelona at 90 overall.

Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 2

Now, this is where things get really interesting. In EA FC 24, we’ve got four players who share the top spot with ratings of 91 overall.

At number four, it’s Manchester City’s Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, who retains his 91 rating from FIFA 23 and is again among the highest rated players in the game.

And number three is Erling Haaland of Manchester City, who is 91 overall. That’s a huge upgrade from FIFA 23 where he’s rated 88 overall.

Coming in at number two, Alexia Putellas of Barcelona, who’s just won the Women’s FIFA World Cup.

And coming in at number one, it’s Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain, who retains his rating of 91 overall.

Above is the top 24 player ratings in EA FC 24. If you want outstanding players to join your team, you can refer to this ranking directly. But there is a prerequisite here, that is, you must prepare sufficient FC 24 Coins. Only this way, you can more easily select your favorite players and improve them quickly.

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