What Are The Most Effective Steps To Kick Off MLB The Show 24? What Are The Most Effective Steps To Kick Off MLB The Show 24?

What Are The Most Effective Steps To Kick Off MLB The Show 24?

Mar 16, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

MLB The Show 24’s Early Access has arrived, highlighting the importance of delving into strategies for efficiently crafting the ultimate team in the game. This guide will outline the initial steps to take in MLB The Show 24.

What Are The Most Effective Steps To Kick Off MLB The Show 24?

What Rewards Will You Get After Pre-Ordering The Game?

If you pre-ordered the game, you’ll receive packs. 

The MVP Edition includes a Legend player pack featuring 90 overall core series Legends like Johan Santana, Ken Griffey Jr., Adrian Beltre, and more. 

Similarly, the Deluxe Edition offers a selection of Negro League Legends, such as Josh Gibson, Toni Stone, Jackie Robinson, and others. 

Additionally, regardless of the edition, all players will receive a Cornerstone Captain choice between 88 Kodai Senga, Byron Buxton, Nolan Arenado, or Greg Maddux, providing three Diamond cards from the start, which is advantageous, especially for Deluxe Edition owners.

Team Affinity

The first step you should take is focusing on Team Affinity, which is undoubtedly the best way to prepare for MLB The Show 24. 

Within Team Affinity, there are numerous valuable cards available, including Giancarlo Stanton in the NL East, Cedric Mullins, and Gary Sanchez in the AL East.

To progress in Team Affinity, you’ll follow a similar approach as in previous versions of the game. This involves completing Missions, Moments, Conquest, and Showdown challenges. Starting with Moments and Showdown is recommended, as they yield cards that contribute more towards Mission progress. Following a specific order is crucial, with moments and Showdown being the initial focus. By completing these tasks, you’ll advance along the Team Affinity path and receive packs and players to aid in mission completion. Conquest mode is another avenue for progress, offering flexibility in gameplay. 

Additionally, this year, playing cooperatively with friends contributes to Team Affinity goals, providing access to various rewards such as valuable cards and free packs. 

Starting MLB The Show 24 with Team Affinity is highly advisable given its benefits and rewards.

MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity

Spring Breakout Program

Another noteworthy aspect is the introduction of the Spring Breakout Program, which mirrors MLB’s effort to highlight top-performing players. 

This program allows you to earn an 89-rated Dylan Crews and his Nationals teammate, James Wood. Progression within this program closely resembles that of Team Affinity, featuring a conquest map and missions centered around these players. It’s a relatively quick program that offers valuable player rewards, making it highly recommended.

After acquiring various players from pack openings, it’s advisable to visit the Collections section, particularly the Starter Collections. This often overlooked feature is vital for starting a new Diamond Dynasty season. Many of these collections are straightforward to complete, offering substantial rewards such as additional players, packs, and MLB The Show 24 Stubs

Prioritizing collections is essential as it sets the foundation for progression in MLB The Show 24.


This year, Storylines have made a return, promising an enhanced experience. 

There are 2 distinct Storylines: one featuring Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees, known as the Subway Series card Series. Completing this storyline set will earn you a mix of Gold and Diamond cards, culminating in an 85-rated Diamond Derek Jeter. 

Additionally, each of the new Negro League legends, including Toni Stone, Buck Leonard, Hank Aaron, and Josh Gibson, has their own storyline at launch, each rewarding players with 85-rated Diamond cards to start the year.

MLB The Show 24 Storylines


If you’re interested in playing online, now is an opportune moment to strive for a Flawless record at the onset of the new game cycle. 

This year, achieving a Flawless record requires only going 10-0 instead of the typical 12-0. It’s worth trying out, as there’s a sizable player base, offering relatively easy matchups.

Ranked Seasons

Alternatively, Ranked Seasons presents another appealing option, particularly this year because you can trade the Ranked Seasons reward within the program. 

Even if you’re not skilled enough to reach a 900 rating through regular progression, participating in Ranked Seasons will still earn you enough points to acquire players like the 93-rated Randy Johnson and 93-rated Ernie Banks.

Save Your Cards Early In The Game

However, all this discussion about cards inevitably leads to considerations about collections. What exactly should you do with the cards? Should you keep them or sell them? 

MLB The Show 24 Save Your Cards Early In The Game

Typically, it's advisable to hold onto your cards at launch. Often, prices fluctuate between Early Access and the official launch, which is scheduled for Tuesday, the 19th of March. Prices tend to rise at that point, as many players who did not pre-order the Deluxe edition refrain from investing additional money into the game. 

This year, there's a notable difference and a point of contention regarding other collections. The American League and National League collections will only yield one 95 overall diamond each: Rafael Palmeiro, a new Legend, for the American League, and Pedro Martinez, a returning Legend, for the National League. This contrasts with previous years where you obtained a 99 in that same slot, along with mid-90s rewards for the AL East, Central, and West. 

Consequently, live series collections might not be a priority initially, and it's uncertain how this will affect live series cards. It's a divisive issue that will undoubtedly influence the market. Therefore, it's prudent to adopt a wait-and-see approach, refrain from rushing into selling, especially since there may not be much demand initially. While there will be packs available in the store, focusing on playing the game is likely the best course of action. 

Overall, this guide should provide a solid foundation for starting MLB The Show 24. With the structure of content looking promising, engaging in activities like Team Affinity and the Spring Breakout Program will ensure you're well-prepared and have a competitive team.

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