MLB The Show 23: Every New Legend MLB The Show 23: Every New Legend

MLB The Show 23: Every New Legend

Mar 13, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Every year MLB the Show 23 brings former players back to the game as Legends. As this year’s game revealed that there will be new legends to join. So, here’s what we know about legends for you.

The most recently revealed Legends is Matt Kane, who has played for this San Francisco Giants his entire career. It may award him a 99 Milestone card for his flawless run on June 13, 2012.

Satchel Paige also came to MLB the Show 23. He has an estimated 2,000 winning pitches, 250 shutouts, 50 no hitters and a personal best 22 strikeout in over 2,500 games.

In one game, 23-year-old Hilton Smith will become another Legend Newton. He has a career scoring average of 168 in Negro Leagues and will often finish games where Satchel Paige starts. In addition to his excellent Curveball, Hilton Smith was a professional hitter who completed nearly 300 games.

MLB The Show 23 New Legends

We also have Jake Peavy as a New Legend. He won this National League Cy Young Award while playing for Padres in 2007. He also led Major League that year, and won both Strikeouts Average, FIP Whip and Strikes Per Nine Innings.

We have John Donaldson as a New Legend of MLB 23. He has two Perfect Games 14 no-hitters. 5,081 career strikeouts in 413 wins. He was actually Satchel Paige’s mentor. He also hit some home runs and averaged well.

Hank Thompsonis is this year’s MLB 23 New Legend. The 16-year-old averaged 267 home runs in 906 games and with Giants organization. Then in the 1951 World Series, he actually joined Willie Mays and Monty Irvin to form the first All Blacks.

Another 23-year-old New Legend in the outfield at a Major League baseball was Greg Vaughn, a four-time All-Star. Finished fourth in MVP voting in 1998 and 1999. He also won a silver medal in ‘98, a game in which he hit 50 home runs.

New Legends For MLB The Show 23

For San Diego Padres, Buck O’Neill joined MLB 23 as a New Legend. In 1946, Kansas City monarchs had an average score of 353. He was also one of the best defensive first basemen in Negro Leagues history.

Another New Legend in this year’s game is Mike Lowell, a four-time All-Star. In 2005 and 2007, while playing for the Red Sox, he finished fifth in MVP voting with 324 points per game. 

He became another New Legend in MLB 23 that season with 21 home runs and 37 doubles. Beginning in 1902, he won 44 straight games as a pitcher. In fact, I asked him to tutor a young Christy Mathewson, and he allegedly taught Christy Mathewson and made him one of the best pitchers ever.

With a career era of 3.28, Derek Jeter is finally New Legend from MLB the Show 23. He’s also one of the most anticipated and requested Legends in MLB the Show 23 history.

All in all, the players who have returned to MLB the Show 23 each year so far have been one of the most impressive legends for players. If you want to try, don’t hesitate to start now. You can also choose to get some MLB 23 Stubs to help you have a better gaming experience. Come and try it out.

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