Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24! Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24!

Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24!

May 31, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Hello and welcome to a new guide for Madden 24! Today, I will be revealing 3 craziest blitzes in Madden 24! I'll walk you through each blitz, explaining how to set it up and where to find it. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with them!

Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24!

FS Zone Blitz

Starting off our list, we are going to go over the first most powerful blitz in Madden 24, and the easiest blitz to set up in this year's game - Free Safety Zone Blitz. Starting from the formation doing Dollar 3-2, this play can be found in 8 different playbooks, but we are going to use it from San Francisco 49ers Playbook.

Now, we need to do something to make this blitz work, and that is to change our coaching adjustments. So, we are going to go into the coach adjustments menu, and what we need to do is change 2 things. First, we need to turn off the auto flip. Every time we send a blitz from the same side, we need to make sure that is turned off.

Next, this blitz will not work if the base is aligned, so we want to make sure that Auto Alignment is set to default. This will make the blitz appear above all the other settings. It is completely optional. You can set up Zone Toss and the defensive options are completely up to you. After that, we call the formation doing Dollar 3-2 again.

This reason why we need to turn off the auto flip is that we need to make sure that the blitz comes from the left side of the formation. It won't work from the right side, so you'll notice if you flip it, that's no good. The blitz won't work. So we want to always make sure that the safety blitz is always on the left side.

So, if our opponent sends 5 Receivers on the route, you'll notice that we always get a free man, an easy sack up the middle of Quarterback, which is immediately up A-Gap. You'll see one of our 2 rushers come in completely free, and we have Quarterbacks again, so they can't even get away from this blitz.

Sam Will Blitz 3

Then the next one on the list, we're going to cover one of the newest blitzes we're seeing across Madden Community. This is the play Sam Will Blitz 3 from the formation Nickel 3-3 Cub, and this play can be found in 21 different playbooks in Madden 24.

Now, first, we need to make a couple little adjustments to our coach adjustments again. We're going to go ahead and change something. We need to make sure that we have our auto flip set to on and then have our base align on as well. So, auto alignment should be set to base. Everything else is completely optional. You can set your Zone Toss or match coverage however you like.

Madden 24 Sam Will Blitz 3

This setup is a little bit more intensive, but it's still very simple. We're going to go ahead and show blitz by hitting Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation, and then left on the left stick. That's going to walk our safeties and our corners down. Next, we need to identify the offensive formation a little bit because we need to slide our defensive line away from Tight End.

Tight End is on the right side of the offensive formation, so we need to slide our defensive line to the left. If they don't have a Tight End, you can actually slide in either direction. But since Tight End is on the right, we're going to slide to the left. We do that by hitting left on D-Pad and then left on the left stick.

DB Fire 2

The last on our list is the formation also from San Francisco 49ers Playbook and doing Dollar 3-2. We're going to take a look at one of the highest-rated blitzes from the last few years - DB Fire 2. We're going to change a couple of things again in the coach adjustments just to make it a little better.

This time, I'm going to put Auto Alignment on base alignment. This will make it easier to run and more consistent. Beyond that, everything is completely optional. You can even keep the auto flip off and do whatever you want with Zone Toss. Then we're going to go into some MUT 24 Coins and then call the DB Fire 2 gameplay.

This is also one of the simplest blitzes in Madden 24, but there are a couple of things that really make it better if you do it correctly. We're going to identify the strong-side of the offense because we're going to use the weakside of the formation. We have 2 receivers, a Tight End, and a Running Back, all to the right of the Quarterback, and then to the left, we have a Wide Receiver. You can use any of them, but the blitz will be a little bit better if you use it on the weak side.

Globally pinch your defense by clicking on RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation, and then press the left stick. Then this blitz is done on Xbox or PlayStation by pressing the right stick. After that, we just put the controller down. We just let the computer take the first few steps and then go into the cover. This will make the offensive line awkward and allow us to get free rushes on the sideline, which is a very effective blitz.

That's all I have to show you today. I hope you enjoy the game!

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