How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips

How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips

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Imagine one of the most dangerous players on the field is the user Defender because of how good or bad, you can make them, going beyond what the computer can realistically do for you. And it’s a spot where every moment of indecisiveness or aggressiveness is rewarded accordingly. 

So, with this guide, I’m going to go over a few things you need to start doing to become a menace to your opponent in the passing game and maybe get up off of that defensive line to start causing more turnovers and take your game to the next level in Madden 24. Of course, if you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you’d better pick some good players to join your team. This way, you can win the game more easily.

How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips

Peripheral Vision

One of the first things you need to do after the snap is you want to use your peripheral vision to take as much information as possible about the play and who’s coming into your area that you may not see it.

Now, for those unaware your peripherals, your vision outside of what you’re directly looking at. So, if I’m looking at the middle of the field, I also want to be able to see things outside of the middle of the screen without moving my eyes. This is important.

Madden 24 Peripheral Vision

Basically, you want to extend your field of vision so you can see more things. And by looking at the middle of the field instead of at a specific receiver, it’s easier to do.

The purpose of this is to spot things developing faster than again, just focusing on the tight end or wide receiver. So, using your peripheral vision, you start to see how routes are being distributed and who’s coming into your area wide open as an immediate threat that you might want to engage with.

You can bait people doing this, leaving the middle of the field wide open so they think they can attack it. And you’re able to jump on whoever wants to uncover themselves into that area. Although I didn’t get it, you see the thought process behind it.

Take Good Angles 

Now, imagine you can see the guy coming open, but if you take a terrible angle, it was all for nothing. So, taking proper angles covering receivers is the second most important thing you can do as a user.

Madden 24 Take Good Angles

It’s so important because it delays the receiver using their speed advantage against you and blowing right by. And to do this, you simply want to run to where the receiver is going and not where they currently are. You’re looking to cut them off because running directly at them, you’re hoping the quarterback throws it immediately.

If he doesn’t, you’ll burn instantly and all the quarterback had to do is wait a second or so for him to come open again. If you take a proper angle, you delay the possibility of them burning you, which less be real they will if you’re chasing them for long enough.

But the goal is to delay this as long as possible by keeping yourself in the best possible position as long as you can. And you’re also able to still defend the Quick Pass if they throw it now.

Don’t Take The Ball

Sometimes, you’re not going to be playing. The angles in the routes are simply designed to test your patience.

Quick underneath the routes are usually bait unless it’s third or fourth and short or you’re blitzing or if you notice every single route is going short. So, you might as well attack it.

Because otherwise its purpose is to get you to bite up, so they can hit something behind you. And this is where using your peripherals while semi-committing short can help you get back in time to create turnover opportunities.

Madden 24 Don't Take The Ball

A simple rule to follow is anytime your instinct is telling you to start chasing something, ask yourself is this a trap.

How To Bait Your Opponent?

Another skill you must develop is if they somehow have two guys open against your style defense is baiting. Basically, this means you cover one guy to load it into their mind that he’s covered and peel off to the next read and get yourself a pick. 

The better the player, the less likely this is to work. But you can get a good amount of people with a basic covering peel, depending on the route combo.

You don’t even have to be covering anybody initially just coming into the picture laid from a Fake Blitz or you wait until the last possible second to react to the receiver and the quarterback not seeing you can create big plays as well.

Usering Paired With The Blitz

And lastly, I briefly mentioned, but Blitz is where the flats are open can lend you plenty of interceptions or near ones if your opponent isn’t careful.

You can undercut a lot of these passes to the flats if you take off from the start by just getting in between the receiver and the ball. It’s all about the angles, y’all.

To be an impactful use, you, as a defender, have to see recognize what’s happening, and an attack taking the proper angle to make the most impactful play on the ball.

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