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FUT 21: The Best Formations In FUT

In FUT, formation is an important part of tactics. The right formation can make you an elite FUT champion player. This article will introduce some effective FUT 21 formations. You can choose the appropriate formation according to your playing style or other specific situations.


This formation was too defensive in the last version of FUT, but it is a good choice in FUT 21 because of the Creative Runs system and improvements to the way players move.

If you want to play defensively, you can keep 3 modifiers behind when attacking. If you want to score a goal, you can free your midfielders to attack and let one of your wingers "free roam" so that they will leave the sideline to create opportunities in the middle.


This is a multi-purpose formation. When you are in a leading position, you can use it to consolidate the situation. Because if you set the defensive style to "drop back", you can have 7 players defending. In addition, this formation is also available when you are eager to attack at the end of the game and find a goal, especially when using the "fast build-up" attacking style.

You can also create different instructions for 3-4-2-1 according to your opponent's tactics or specific circumstances to balance the game.


This is an excellent formation that provides everything, including a solid defense and a variety of attacking options. When the formation is balanced, the wingers will help you build the attack and keep possession, but they also sometimes run deep on the attack. You will have 3 center backs and 2 midfielders to protect you from counterattacks.

But it also has disadvantages. If you constantly use your winger in the attack, at this time, your opponent can use through balls to get in behind your wingers. So, sometimes you need to manually pull a midfielder or center back to cover the open position.


It can be said to be the most traditional formation in FUT. Many players may think this is boring, but you can try it.


It is more offensive than 4-4-2 because the two center attacking midfielders will act more often as attackers. At the beginning of the game, you can use 4-4-2, if you need more attack power later, you can switch to 4-2-2-2. The best part of this formation is that when your opponent passes the ball in the backline, you can put pressure on them, because you basically have 4 people to steal the ball.


It features a forward and two attacking winders, so you have 3 players in front threatening your opponent's defense. It is an excellent formation for counterattacks, which is fatal in FUT 21. Almost everyone uses speedy strikers and wingers.


It offers several attacking options, because there are 2 wing-backs, because they will give you the necessary width, which is a key factor in the cycle, allowing you to keep passing the ball then continue possession. And it is good to keep the player instructions, especially the instructions of the wing-backs, as the "default" so that your team has enough players to successfully attack and defend.

These are the best formations in FUT 21. You can choose the most suitable formation according to your own game style. If you want to try new gameplay, you can also choose from them. Some formations are matched with players with specific attributes to make it perfect, so good players are necessary.

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