Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More

Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More

Sep 19, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

As a big fan of FIFA series, it is really exciting to hear one of the biggest news about FIFA 23 this year, free World Cup DLC.

Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More1

Yes, We will be getting free DLC. Now technically EA is going to have free DLC all the time, and those are added to the game at no cost to you, you just need to be extremely lucky to be able to pack one of these items. Meanwhile, at any point within the game, you're able to buy into them if you build up enough coins, this somewhat technically counts as DLC.

Actually what everyone really care about is of course, the World Cup mode. EA holds the rights and licenses to host World Cup content and his content isn't just speculation, it has already been confirmed now with this DLC. It's likely we're going to get something similar to what we had within FIFA 18.

Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More2

FIFA 18 also had some free DLC based around the world cup, it added new game modes with kickoff game modes as well as head to head, and there was also an ultimate team based around the world cup. It had no transfer market and you can only buy players from the store or at the end of every game. As there's no trans market instead, you will be rewarded with a pack, and depending whether or not you won or lost. That means the pack content will give you an even bigger reward if you can win a game.

Now this game mode typically doesn't last too long, it's normally just a hype of whilst the World Cup is going, but normally we used to get it towards the end of the year. This year it's slightly different, we will be able to play this at some point within November, even though there is no official release date yet.

The new DLC which is entirely free to download as well as you will be able to buy into different world cup cards. But it doesn't just stop there, it also appears that we will also be getting a second World Cup mode towards the end of the year, and this has been around the Women's World Cup which starts in July of 2023.

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