FIFA 23: Who Will Feature In Fantasy FUT? FIFA 23: Who Will Feature In Fantasy FUT?

FIFA 23: Who Will Feature In Fantasy FUT?

Mar 01, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

FIFA 23 is coming to Fantasy FUT. Around the time FIFA 22 released it, the promo was a big success. Moreover, EA recently launched a very popular football simulator, and Fantasy FUT will return here.

Last year, we had some really good cards that were exciting. We also have a lot of star names, such as Eduardo Camavinga, Marcus Rashford, Ousmane Dembele and more. Just by seeing the names, you must be excited about who will be on the team this year. If you want to get these excellent players, you can use FUT 23 Coins, then you can improve your team.


According to reliable FIFA source FUT Sheriff, the promo will run for around two weeks, which means you'll receive a lot of items. So we made a prediction to see who will feature in Fantasy FUT in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Note: this is just a concept card from the FIFA roster, not the final card.


FIFA 23 Antony

  • Position – RW
  • Nationality – Brazilian
  • Club – Manchester United

The first player we predict is Antony. Previously, in FIFA 23, he had the OTW. Besides that, the very tricky winger has yet to get a special card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Therefore, he would be the perfect candidate for an upgradable and dynamic card. Based on the current situation at Manchester United, the value of this card will definitely increase. It will also cost a lot if you want to get it in the transfer market.


FIFA 23 Jorginho

  • Position – CM
  • Nationality – Italy
  • Club – Arsenal

Before, EA used up a lot of January transferred cards. So, for this promo, Jorginho will be a great addition. The Gunners have been very good this season. We could see the Jorginho card targeting a really ridiculous Gullit gang member.

Evan Ndicka

FIFA 23 Evan Ndicka

  • Position - CB
  • Nationality – France
  • Club – Eintracht Frankfurt

In this year, Evan Ndicka has no special card. However, EA likes to rotate him in their promos. In FIFA 23, Evan Ndicka has lightning speed as a great centre-half, which makes him very useful. And a very fast centre-half was also known to reign supreme. I think he'll be a great addition to Fantasy FUT, and will definitely be a card you'll get when you are lucky.

Arnaut Danjuma

FIFA 23 Arnaut Danjuma

  • Position – LM
  • Nationality – Netherlands
  • Club – Tottenham Hotspur

Arnaut Danjuma has the potential to be a very interesting project for a Premier League January transfer. In FUT, as a new winger, Arnaut Danjuma has been a very reliable player. If you could put a special card in his new home, it would be a great choice. With a lack of good LMs in England's top flight, then Arnaut Danjuma must be a winner.

Manuel Neuer

FIFA 23 Manuel Neuer

  • Position – GK
  • Nationality – Germany
  • Club – Bayern Munich

An iconic goalkeeper during his time at FIFA, Manuel Neuer has always been excellent. But there is one thing that is very shocking, that is, the German only has his based card this year. So, for the veteran, this year has the best chance of getting a promotion. If the card does level up, he'll be playing with the best keepers around.

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