FIFA 23: Are These New Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs Worth It? FIFA 23: Are These New Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs Worth It?

FIFA 23: Are These New Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs Worth It?

Mar 23, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Some players in the campaign chose Thief, hoping for a cheap and reliable way to make an amazing breakthrough in that Ultimate Team. Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are now also an alternative choice for players.

What we ended up with was actually a Mixed Campaign Player. Could also be one of the three Future Stars players on the road to the final Centurions. Here will show if it’s worth it today.

I don’t think this is a good start. But Michael Langer needs 80k FUT 23 Coins. So here, he is just a candidate for our number two. Here we have to take it to a good level.

We need Ebro Nemo or Calabria. Because I already have Jamie Vardy. But it is very risky to choose these, so I will choose another one. They are very adventurous here. We’re ready to pick brand new players again. I want to see something cool like we didn’t see any player rated over 88 here even in the 90s. It’s March, so I’d really like to start meeting these talented players.

We’ve got Lucas to know more about Spurs around Champions League, but we’re still not at 90 games, and we’re still without Neymar ibra or Salah. By the way, we got Raul in an icon pack from nowhere. Well, the fourth pack actually looks a bit like an icon.

FIFA 23 Campaign Player Pick

We’ll keep going, we have another player option. Here are five more Packs, and we get Emil Forsberg as we wished. I’m not kidding, it really takes a lot of FUT 23 Coins. As you can see on the official website, I really can’t believe this is so expensive.

Apparently because of the high prices for players above 85s. But this may be the highest priced SPC this year. We’re not getting a profitable return right now. However, if they are tradable, then this is a crazy prize.

Next, we got Lucas Mora or Felipe Anderson again, and you’ll see the former West Ham player again. Then there’s Felipe Anderson, who was also a former Liverpool player and a former PSG player. By the way, Lucas Mora has maintained a solid rating in this Ultimate Team for six years. We could actually get some really outstanding players here. You know there’s an interesting player option here, like Chesney or James Milner at the right price.

What I’m going to show you is the highest priced SBC. So far it has released them. For the price, we’re making a very controversial choice. Don’t know if Trent is worth it.

FIFA 23 Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs

Honestly, why am I interested in Raspadori? Because he is a Live card, compared to Trent’s price, it is more suitable to choose him. In the meantime, we also really needed something good to show you that these Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are actually starting to get better.

I really think there’s only Liverpool, that’s what we have to have, anyway. He is such a pure football player. But players need to use at least 437k FUT 23 Coins to get it. But I also think he deserves it.

There’s only one choice here, and then we’re the final pick player for the day to get more of this stuff. What exactly do we get from these Pick Packs? It’s still expensive. I think it should be in the range of 134.4k FUT 23 Coins. In any case, it’s still crazy how players could get legendary players like Trent or Felipe Anderson this way.

Although I don’t use Trent very often, he seems useful anyway. What do you guys get from this new Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs? Do you think it’s worth it? Of course, I still think it’s important to save some coins and stuff. You can save more with this and use it in better ways than I expected. Hope these will help you.

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