FIFA 23: Harvey Elliott Vs Wout Weghorst, Who Will Win? FIFA 23: Harvey Elliott Vs Wout Weghorst, Who Will Win?

FIFA 23: Harvey Elliott Vs Wout Weghorst, Who Will Win?

Mar 04, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Tomorrow, we will witness one of the oldest and biggest rivalries in English football when underperforming Liverpool takes on ambitious Manchester United. For this, FIFA 23 has released another Showdown SBC to celebrate this exciting game. And you'll have your choice between Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliot and Manchester United's Wout Weghorst.

In order to get the player you want, you need to complete the corresponding SBC. If their team wins, they get a +2 on their rating. If their team loses, there is no change to their rating. If their team draws, then they get a +1 on their rating. For the two cards, we will conduct a study to help you decide if you need to complete 0 to 2 cards before both cards expire.

Harvey Elliott – CAM – 88 Overall

FIFA 23 Harvey Elliott

Of these two cards, the most flexible is definitely Harvey Elliot. This is because not only can he play four different positions on the court, namely CAM, CM, LW, and RW, but he also has five-star skill moves. In addition to those just mentioned, this card has one of the biggest attractions, and that is dribbling. If Harvey Elliott is on the wing, he can open up more space for you with his talent and tight control.

However, you might think that Manchester United would have a better chance of winning the game, and that's because they've been in really crazy form lately. At home, it appears Liverpool will not phase Ten Hags men.

Wout Weghorst – ST –88 Overall

FIFA 23 Wout Weghorst

In this match, Harvey Elliot will face 6’6” giant Wout Weghorst, who later joined Manchester United. If you think back to FIFA 22, Wout Weghorst received a similar card back then. He was still at Burnley at the time, and the card was eventually cracked in a shocking way. This card is a big problem for defenders, especially in the corners. If Wout Weghorst were to attack from a corner, it would be a well-determined goal.

He hasn't been promoted, but he's been great as a striker and much like Harvey Elliott is easy to connect. But there is a problem, that is, the tall strikers are often not as popular as the shorter but quick players. While Wout Weghorst might be the perfect target guy, it's all about whether you enjoy playing that way. One more thing you need to be aware of: he's about to be one of the favorites for an upgrade.

Final Judgment

For the FIFA 23 Showdown Series, this final is another close call. Since Wout Weghorst is unique and many of the excellent Premier League wingers are in FIFA 23, Wout Weghorst is an even more exciting option.

However, you'll need over 300,000 FUT 23 Coins to get these two cards. So, I recommend you complete them when your club has enough fodder. Harvey Elliott isn't much different from the Gordon card you get through objectives, so it's not worth much and I wouldn't recommend getting it.

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