These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS! These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS!

These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS!

May 07, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

It’s time for Team Of The Season and you have to do something different, something more effective to defeat your opponents with ease. In today’s guide, we give you three secret attack tips that you must implement into the game that will get you ranked up in no time.

Side Passing

Let’s start with my personal favorite method, Side Passing. Many players have the urge to pass the ball forward, which is why defenders mostly position themselves in the middle.

In this situation, you don’t need to force the ball forward, but instead look for wide players to pass the ball, which will create plenty of scoring opportunities as the ball travels.

These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS!

Additionally, you need to see what defenders your opponent has and predict their next move. Then, a quick pass to the other side can force the opponent to make a simple mistake. This method is particularly useful against players who defend the middle very tightly.

And when you want to pass forward, it’s usually already covered. So once you find the forward pass, and you haven’t completed Side Passing, then continuous Side Passing is a good way to open the goal.

It should be noted that if the defender cannot complete the player switching quickly, this rapid passing will cause a lot of trouble. So it’s important to identify patterns and target goals ahead of time. It takes a lot of experience to understand every step of this type of pass, but in the end, it will give you an immense advantage.

I would like to give an example of how I use this technique to score goals in games. Since I had a feeling of being stuck when starting the attack from the left, I wanted to change the direction of the play with two quick Side Passings after successfully doing this to create an opportunity for a forward pass.

Unfortunately, the shot was blocked, but I’ll keep the ball there safely. At this point, there was only one optimal player to attack, and I had to act quickly. So, we side passed twice again, got ourselves into a 1v1 situation, and completed a simple Finesse Shot.

As mentioned before, the only way to stop Side Passing is to use player switching effectively, and excellent players can defend against this method. So if you want to master this skill, spending FC 24 Coins to buy talented players is essential.

How to Side Passing in FC 24?

Diagonal Runs

Moving on to the next one, this is an amazing solution for creating Passing Lines. You see, as we go straight ahead, there are two passing options, but neither seems guaranteed. Because they are all covered, and the passing lanes are not optimal, that’s why I use Diagonal Runs, which pushes the ball 45° away from the intended target and gives you a wider passing angle.

Whenever we see a potential runner behind the defensive line, be alert, because this can easily become a big deal for you.

We needed to create the best passing opportunity for him, so I took the ball away from him and ran towards the other side at a 45° angle to create an unstoppable through chance.

These Diagonal Runs are very effective for players who directly want to cover passing lanes. Once they try to catch up, you can defend them with Diagonal Runs, and they won’t be able to catch you until you create a passing option. Even if they run with the defender, this approach will give you the upper hand.

So in this example, when I get the ball instead of running straightforward, I’m going to give myself a diagonal angle towards the striker. This will allow me to deflect the ball away from the defender behind me, which will also allow me to carefully wait for the winger’s run and create better through-ball opportunities for the striker in front of me.

Once I see the opponent defending the wrong side of the attacker, I use the passing lane created by Diagonal Runs to find this striker, get a good Through-Ball in a 1v1 situation and score.

Sprint Boost

The last but not least offensive skill is Sprint Boost. You can gain huge acceleration with different types of Skill Moves, such as Stepover with unique animations. But today’s method will be simpler. It will confuse the opponent’s mind and thus give you the easiest chance.

When you make a run where there is space in front of you, drag your opponent there and he will try to defend. However, if he just walks, it will trigger the opponent.

It’s like you’re passing the ball inside the box and then you’re trying to cover the passing lane and then just use Controlled Sprint to get an explosive Sprint Boost so you can easily outrun your opponent and find the space you need.

FC 24 Sprint Boost

Of course, this also applies to different areas of the pitch. Players with Rapid Playstyle+ are perfect candidates for this method. But this will work even without it. You just have to find the right position, get into your opponent’s head, push the ball fast enough and create your own chances.

That’s why opponents put themselves between me and potential shooting opportunities. But this opened up the space in front of me, and just by using Controlled Sprint, I could get an explosive Sprint Boost and find another shooting angle to score a goal.

All in all, these 3 secret offensive methods will be the key to giving your team a huge advantage in Team Of The Season. So hurry up and give it a try!

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