Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Apr 11, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Hi, players! The 4-3-3(4) formation I am going to talk about is designed for swift build up play and counter attacks in EA FC 24. It offers the versatility to execute tiki taka style football with the right custom tactics. Without wasting times, let's dive in!

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: When it comes to Defensive Style, you can opt for a balanced approach. Regarding Width, I set it to 4, while for Depth, there are 2 viable options. The first involves a depth of 65, resulting in an effective high press during gameplay. However, employing a high press without a CDM in the formation poses risks. If you are against counter attacks, consider a depth of 60.

EA FC 24: Why the 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead to Winning Games? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Offensive Tactics: In terms of Build Up Play, I recommend sticking to a balanced approach. When it comes to Chance Creation, Direct Passing is the best choice, especially effective with a formation featuring a Center Attacking Midfielder. Regarding the others, you can opt for 4 Players in Box, and then set 6 for Corners and Free Kicks.

Player Instructions

Then let's move on to the player instructions. Get ready to boost your players' abilities with some EA Sports FC 24 Coins.

Center Back: In defense, maintain default settings for the Right and Left Center Backs. Focus on keeping the Right Back in a defensive role, instructing them to Stay Back While Attacking. Conversely, encourage the Left Back to Overlap, facilitating both defensive cover and offensive support.

This strategic move ensures that your Left Back contributes to both ends of the pitch. Despite already having a Left Winger in attack, employing the left wing as a forward adds depth to your offensive maneuvers.

CM: Starting with the Left Center Midfielder, who assumes the role of CDM in this formation. You'll find that he operates in a defensive capacity, focusing on intercepting passes, making tackles, and thwarting counter attacks.

Therefore, it's crucial to have a midfielder with exceptional defensive abilities and physical prowess in this position. In EA FC 24, he'll primarily function as a CDM. As for his instructions, set them to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.

EA FC 24 4-3-3(4) Formation

Right Center Mid: For the Right Center Mid in the 4-3-3(4) formation, you're looking at the box-to-box role. This player needs well-rounded stats to contribute both offensively and defensively. For the instructions, prioritize Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross and Cover Center to optimize his contributions to the team.

If you are letting your Right Back to help you on the attack and help you on the defense, and your Left Back to Stay Back While Attacking, that time you have to use your Right Center Mid as the CDM on this formation, and your Left Center Mid as the box-to-box.

CAM: Moving on to the Central Attacking Midfielder, the pivotal playmaker in this formation, arguably the most crucial player. Whether it's providing assists, executing precise passes, or initiating attacks, this player will always be at the heart of the action.

Wingers: For the Right Winger and Left Winger, what I recommend using with them is Come Back On Defense, Get In Behind, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Cross. If you want to play it wide, you don’t need your Right Winger and Left Winger to play it narrow.

Striker: For the major player, the Striker, what I’m using with is Get In Behind, Stay Central, and Stay Forward. With these custom tactics, you need a striker who can easily get in behind. This formation is absolutely perfect for counter attacks and fast build up, and with these player instructions, you’re going to see him always trying to get in behind and break the defense line.

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