Try This 4-1-4-1 Formation In EA FC 24 - Custom Tactics & Instructions Try This 4-1-4-1 Formation In EA FC 24 - Custom Tactics & Instructions

Try This 4-1-4-1 Formation In EA FC 24 - Custom Tactics & Instructions

Feb 01, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

We are going to be taking a closer look at the 4-1-4-1 custom tactics and instructions. So first off, I'm going to take you through the custom tactics. Next, I'm going to be showing you what's the best players to use in each position and the best way to play with this formation.

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Try This 4-1-4-1 Formation In EA FC 24 - Custom Tactics & Instruction

Custom Tactics

Defence: Maintain a balanced Defensive Style to ensure stability at the back. Adjust the Width to 35 for a well-structured defense, and set the Depth at 55 to strike a balance between defensive solidity and the ability to press the opponent effectively.

Offence: Opt for Long Ball as the preferred Build Up Play. For the Chance Creation, emphasize Direct Passing with a minimal Width setting of 1 point to focus on precision in passing and ball movement. Adjust the Players in Box to 7 to ensure a sufficient attacking presence during build-up phases. Maintain a consistent approach with 2 bars for both Corner Kicks and Free Kicks, providing versatility in set-piece situations. This tactical setup aims to foster effective offensive transitions and goal-scoring opportunities while maintaining defensive stability.


Now we’re going to go through the instructions as well:

So starting with the Striker, he is on Drift. Defensive Support is on Come Back on Defense, Chance Creation is on Cut Inside, and the Support Runs is on Target Player. And then Get into the Box for Cross Support on Crosses.

The Midfield, starting with the Left CAM, is on Stay on Edge. Right CAM is on Get forward. CDM stay back, Cover Center.

And in the defense, Full Back is on balance.

You’ve got that CDM, and your right back as well is on stay back. However, it doesn’t sacrifice the attacking aspect of this formation. It is really important to actually listen to the instructions that he has mentioned since the most important part of this formation in these tactics is your Midfield. It is really essential that your Left CAM is a Box-To-Box type of Midfielder.

So here I would recommend, instead of Zidane, to use Bruno Fernandes, Sawa or Jude Bellingham as well. Actually, here you will need a player that can defend but also has decent shooting stats. For me, Zidane currently works, but I would definitely be looking to upgrade him.

Moving over to the right in the mid, here you would need ideally somebody that can go forward. Not as good defensively, but mainly shooting, dribbling, and passing would be the main stats that you’re looking for. I would put Zidane, so maybe if I’m upgrading my team, I would most probably move Yala to a Box-To-Box midfielder, move him to the left, leave Zidane on the right, and that will be perfect.

Apart from the Midfielder, to be honest, in the rest of the positions, Striker, Left Mid, Right Mid, you would essentially need pace, dribbling, shooting. That would be the main thing. Obviously, maybe the Striker you would need like a complete striker with ideally 5-star weak foot. So here, Elio works the best. The Wingers mainly pace is what you need.

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