This 4 New Skill Moves Can Make Amazing Scores In EA FC 24 This 4 New Skill Moves Can Make Amazing Scores In EA FC 24

This 4 New Skill Moves Can Make Amazing Scores In EA FC 24

Jan 24, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

I’m going to show you how to do these hidden skill moves in EA FC 24 and score goals like a pro player with each of them. I’ve chosen 4 skill moves that you won’t find in the menus or anywhere on the internet that I’m going to teach you how to do. By the end of the guide, you’ll be able to shock your opponents with skill moves that they have no idea about, even in the game.

Prepare for enough EA FC 24 Coins for your players to boost their skills.

Rainbow Scorpion

The first skill I’m going to show you is the Rainbow Scorpion. This is done by first flicking the right stick back and then forward, then as your player starts to Rainbow Flick, hold L2/LT and press the Cross button. This skill move can be performed by 4-star skillers and above and is a great way to add a bit of extra Flare to your attacks.

This 4 New Skill Moves Can Make Amazing Scores In EA FC 24

So, it started a little rough. But usually, it’s one of my go-to skill moves. It took me a while to fully get the timing down. I was stuck doing standard Flare Passes or just half-rainbowing it or just completely failing to do it. So don’t worry if it takes you a little while to figure it out.

But I slowly began to get more consistent with the skill move. My plan was to score a powerful shot with Alisson because he has insane long shots due to his playstyle. Plus, Batlle’s stats were really helping me get into a good positions, and I felt like I was getting closer to scoring something amazing. And then, after just 30 in-game minutes, I scored this insane goal. 

Cancelled Chestflick

Next up is the Cancelled Chestflick. This can only be performed while the ball is in the air and is done by holding L2/LT and pressing the Right Stick in twice. The standard version of the Chest Flick is rare enough, but this version is cleaner and easier when receiving the ball in the air. I like to hold R3 so the ball bounces high and then go into a Chest Flick Cancel to set myself up for a crazy goal. This is possibly the easiest one on the list, and you only need a 5-star skiller to perform it.

This skill move is super easy, completing every single time that I attempted it. The tough part was the Acrobatic Shot. I attempted it over and over, having good efforts go almost every single time.  So, I kept going. I was trying it nonstop all game, still coming close to scoring it.

EA FC 24 Cancelled Chestflick

360 Scoop

The third hidden skill move is the 360 Scoop. This is done simply by pressing in the Right Stick while holding the Left Stick forward. But you can only do it with trickster plus players, which is the reason this is a hidden skill move. Usually, for Trickster+ flick skills, you have to be holding L2/LT at the same time. But this Trickster+ flick can only be done when you’re not holding L2/LT, which is usually used for just standard Trickster flicks. It’s complicated, but nobody knows about this skill move, and it looks insane.

Giant Laces Flick

Up next is the Giant Laces Flick. This is done by holding L2/LT and pressing in the Right Stick and then pressing R2/RT and holding the Left Stick in any direction. Yes, this one is very hard, but so worth it. It can be done by 5-star skillers, but this skill move makes Long Shots so much easier. You have to be standing still to pull it off, but pair it with a power shot, and you can score from anywhere. It’s one of my favorite skill moves because nobody knows about it, and it’s great for combos.

For this goal, I decided to use Rashford Centurion because this skill really becomes overpowered when paired with the Power Shot. My opponent learned to try and stop the skill move before I did it, so began blocking me before I could take the shot. But when I did get the shot away, I was troubling the Goal Keeper every single time. So, this combo is overpowered.

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