Effective Tips For Easy Attacking In EA FC 24 Post Patch Effective Tips For Easy Attacking In EA FC 24 Post Patch

Effective Tips For Easy Attacking In EA FC 24 Post Patch

Jan 31, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Finesse shots, controlled sprint – that represented the old meta on EA FC 24. Next, let's delve into the latest trends in EA FC 24. That's precisely what we're exploring today.

Flair Nutmeg

First up, we have a newly introduced skill move this year in EA FC 24, and that is the Flair Nutmeg. Flair Nutmeg and Flair Nutmeg Pass are the most influential weapons, even at the highest level of the game. I rarely come across a player who is using a Flair Nutmeg Pass. So, you have to learn the Flair Nutmeg Pass. It is the meta.

Effective Tips For Easy Attacking In EA FC 24 Post Patch

When you actually perform a Flair Nutmeg, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is hold down L1+R1 like that and then flick the right stick towards the direction where you want to exit. So w we will just point the right stick wherever we want to exit towards.

The Flair Nutmeg Pass is best used on the Wings. Basically, you perform a Flair Nutmeg and you cancel the animation by pressing X the moment you do the Flair Nutmeg. Right afterwards, I will press X, and that will cancel the nutmeg animation, and I will pass the ball. Against talented players, it is game-changing.

It is best used on the wing. In this game, you have to surprise your opponent, and the best way to surprise him at this moment would be to use the Flair Nutmeg Pass. Especially against good players, you will need to use the Flair Nutmeg Pass when you are on the Wings and they expect you to go straight. Now, you have a new weapon to use on the Wings.


Next up, we have Crossing. Crossing is the best we have ever seen since FIFA 19. FC 24 Crossing is insane, and you really need to master it. We are seeing it even at the highest level of the game. Crossing is absolutely overpowered, and you will score a lot of easy goals. Against Drop Back players, this will help you a lot to score goals.

EA FC 24 Crossing

The first thing you need is a Fullback, such as Havertz, Bacha, Davies, the list goes on. Next up, have a player with decent jumping who is tall. There are many players in the game who can fulfill that role for you, and stick him on the Wing. If you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, please buy some good players and improve their attributes.

What you want to do is you want to go with L1+Square crosses. Once you are in and around this area, even inside the box. You’re going to use an L1+square, LB+X on Xbox. It will chip the ball. It gives more elevation, harder for the Goalkeeper to catch the cross. Put 1 to 1.5 bars of power. If you are outside, what you want to do is, once again, L1+Square with 3 bars of power.

Player Lock Fake

Next up on the list, we have player lock fake. Next up, we have the Player Lock Fake. The Player Lock Fake is a game-changing move, and you really need to master it. It is the meta now.

EA FC 24 Player Lock Fake

So, when you perform the Player Lock Fake, you need to press in both L3+R3, then flick the right stick towards the player you want to pass the ball towards. Then you cancel it by pressing in R3+L3 again. If you are running down the Wings and you have a player on the inside, you do this. The opponent tracks the run most of the times.

Most opponents will try to track this run. Then you simply cancel it, go straight, and go for another option. That gives you the space. It is all about finding the space, exploiting the space, and creating that space. There are times when you don’t need to cancel the Player Lock.

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