The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel! The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel!

The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel!

Mar 08, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

If you want to win every game in FC 24, it’s crucial to keep learning new techniques. But this alone is not enough, as your opponents can often read your play style very well. That’s when you’ll need to make a completely different choice to defeat him.

In this guide, we’ll share 4 key tips to show you how to consistently beat your opponents. Of course, before trying these tricks, it's crucial to spend some FC 24 Coins to boost your player's overall stats.

EA FC 24: 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In A Mental Duel!

Break Down Your Opponent’s Defense

First, let’s start by analyzing the opponent’s defense. Just like any other player, you have your own offensive patterns and habits that you may use at the start of a game. But you also need to see how your opponent reacts to it.

Because they probably have a strong understanding of it, which is why you need to analyze their defensive tendencies in the first few minutes of the game. If you can understand their strengths and identify their weaknesses. Then you can find the right ways to expose and counter them.

Let me use an example to show my idea. When we started the game, my opponent insisted on pushing his players high up the field and applying heavy pressure on the pitch. And I’m a player who likes to have the ball, but if I do that, I’m going to lose possession unnecessarily.

Understanding the opponent’s intentions also gave me a solution, which was to use side passes to counter the pressure once I realized it was time to execute.

Because his defense is very aggressive. As long as he keeps passing the ball forward and does not change his defensive mentality, he will use side passes to move the ball forward. I can beat him by analyzing his weaknesses that are exposed early on, like that could be a game-changer.

Adjust Attack Methods

However, opponents may also adjust their attack patterns, which is why you need to change your attack rotation every once in a while, as you can’t always do the same thing to trick your opponent.

Let’s say you score twice in the same way against the same opponent. You pass the ball into the box from the side angle and then cut inside to create your own scoring chance. You managed to score, which is good. But the next time you step into the box, your opponent may be ready.

But this is also your chance to defeat him again. Because you pulled back twice, he will expect you to do it again. But this time, if you’re ready to get to the goal line, everything is completely open to you.

Decoy Opponents

But the mind game isn’t limited to analyzing your opponent’s defensive behavior. In some situations, you may have to temporarily outwit your opponent. The most effective way to achieve this is to trick your opponent. And dribbling with the left stick is the perfect tool to lure out those aggressive defenders.

I received the ball in the penalty area, but I knew my shot was going to be blocked because the defender was in such an excellent position that I needed to panic him. That’s why I use the sprinting button to push the ball forward, as if I’m creating space for the shot.

Because I was over-committed to that shot angle, he was over-committed to the slide tackle. But shooting was never my intention, so I turned around and made a Fake Shot, passed the ball to my now-open teammate, and scored a nice goal.

How To Fake Shots in FC 24?

Anticipate The Opponent’s Attack

Finally, as a defender, let’s take a look at the opponent’s attack. If we can safely analyze the opponent’s offensive behavior, this may also give you an advantage.

In the first few minutes of a game, they may show you what they actually like to do with the ball rather than the skill moves that are really necessary. It’s probably more of a habit on his part than passing the ball.

So the next time I saw him running, I decided to go in directly. Because I sensed he was going to continue to run rather than pass, and switching to my defender allowed me to challenge defensively before he touched the ball again.

But I also have to keep other scoring chances safe, which brings us to the next point. We need to prioritize their trends, but still position yourself at points that cover multiple directions so that your focus is on the more dangerous and obvious opportunities.

You won’t lose position if your opponent decides to take another action. This way, you can pre-select and move your defender into dangerous spots because you know your opponent’s tendencies.

But be careful not to over-expect because, as we mentioned in the first half, there are different attack methods available to players. Analyze multiple positions of the opponent when we commit to one of them, but it may have undesirable consequences.

In short, in FC 24, whether it is offense or defense, defeating your opponent is an art! It will give you the power to defeat your opponents in a mental duel and turn the techniques you’ve learned so far into deadly weapons. Hopefully, this guide will expand your knowledge and help you become a better player!

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