EA Announces The TOTW 29 of FIFA 22 EA Announces The TOTW 29 of FIFA 22

EA Announces The TOTW 29 of FIFA 22

Apr 08, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

FIFA22, a very popular sports game in the world, adopts "HyperMotion" motion capture technology to continuously update and optimize the game, enrich the game experience of players and is deeply loved by players.

Now that April has arrived, most players are eagerly awaiting this season's FIFA Ultimate Team. EA recently announced this week's FIFA 22 TOTW 29: Neymar, M. ?kriniar, and R. Sterling were selected. Surprisingly, Mbappe, which most people predicted, was not selected. This makes a lot of players shout incredibly.

In addition, an insider revealed that the much-anticipated FUT Captains promotion is about to land on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The promotion will release the content of the upgrade to the FUT Hero card, but it will take some time for players to know the result of which FUT Hero to upgrade. After the new hero card is announced, the previous hero card will be temporarily unavailable. At the same time, during the FUT captain event, there may be a daily legend moment SBC, and the selected players should be the captains of the national team or club.

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