Best Dribbling & Chance Creation Technique In EA FC 24 Best Dribbling & Chance Creation Technique In EA FC 24

Best Dribbling & Chance Creation Technique In EA FC 24

Nov 28, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

In this guide, I’m going to teach you 2 different attacking techniques in EA FC 24. These 2 techniques are 100% effective and it’s almost impossible for your opponent to defend against. I’m going to show you why.

The first technique will help you in creating goal opportunities, while the second is a dribbling technique that your opponent can’t stop if you do it right.

Best Dribbling & Chance Creation Technique In EA FC 24

Technique 1 - Chance Creation

As I said earlier, the first technique will help you to create goal scoring opportunities with a very easy step.

But first, you need a Midfielder with a good long pass accuracy and then you need a Fullback with pace. If you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, this requirement will be a piece of cake for you.

To use this technique, the first thing you need to do is trigger your right back or left back to run and then you make use of your Midfielder’s long pass ability.

But that’s not all, because there are some things you need to know, like when exactly do you need to make the pass, and how do you do it without your opponent noticing? Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through the process carefully.

Take this as an example.

FC 24 Technique 1

The first thing you need to do is choose which one of your Fullbacks you want to send on the run. So, once you choose the one you want, all you have to do is point the left analog to the player or just face the player. Once you do that, press L1 or LB to trigger the run. Once you press L1 or LB, you will see that your player is making the run forward. Then that brings us to the next step.

The second thing you need to do is to divert the attention away from the player that is making the run. You can see that your player is making the run and you’re still playing casually, like nothing is happening. Your opponent’s attention will be on the ball. This is why he won’t see it coming.

That is the second step: diverting attention away from the player that is making the run. But whatever you’re doing, make sure the ball is close to the player that you want to use to play the pass, because the timing of the pass is the most delicate step. Now let’s talk about the timing.

How do you make a perfect timed pass to the player you can’t see and how do you avoid the offside trap?

Firstly, you need to have your radar turned on. If it’s off, go to settings, then visual, and you will see the option there. So turn it on to see your player’s movements. Your awareness should be on the radar, looking for the right time to pass. You’re the one that needs to play the pass before he moves to the offside position. Once the player is about to reach the last Defender, that is the right time you need to play your pass.

This technique is about creating chances, and this is a good scoring chance. So, whatever you do in this position is totally up to you.

Now, see how it works in fast pace. And you need to know that triggering your left back or right back is not the only way to use the player run modifier. I’m going to talk about how to create chances with it in attacking positions.

How To Create Chances With The Player Run Modifier While Attacking?

Next, let’s move to the next topic. This topic will teach you how to create chances with the player run modifier while attacking.

You need to know that you don’t have to wait for your players to automatically create space for you every time you’re playing. Most of the time, you have to create it yourself.

In your formation and tactic settings, there’s a chance creation option which is called Forward Runs. If you use this forward runs chance creation, your players will be making runs forward, giving you passing options.

I used these tactics for several months, but it’s not not advisable because it’s only good for attacking and not defending. So that is why you need to trigger your players manually.

FC 24 How To Create Chances With The Player Run Modifier While Attacking? Example 1

I want you to observe the movement of my player before and after I trigger the run modifier. You can see he’s just chilling in between the Defenders. So, by pressing L1 to send him on the run, he will create a passing option for me. But if I don’t trigger him, there won’t be space for me to play the through pass.

Here is another example.

FC 24 How To Create Chances With The Player Run Modifier While Attacking? Example 2

Once I face him, I told him to run and create space. If I didn’t trigger him, he will just stay there. That is how you need to keep using the player run to create chances. This is why some players will feel like their opponent players are more active and the game is scripted.

But trust me, it’s about some simple techniques they are using and you don’t know about them.

And the main thing you need to be cautious of when using the player run is offside. Once you trigger the run, your player will not wait for offside. He will just keep running. That is why you need to get your timing right. That is all about creating chances.

Technique 2 - Dribbling

And now I’m going to teach you the dribbling technique I’m talking about. I can assure you that except for step over, this technique is the best thing you can use to get past opponents in your front.

Firstly, you need a player with four-star skill move. The reason why this technique is so effective is that all you want to do is deceive your opponent.

To perform this dribbling trick, you need to first know how to perform Ball Roll Drag. Hold L1 or LB button, then flick the right analog forward, then flick it to left or right. If you want to move to the left side of your player, hold L1, then flick the right analog forward and left. Same thing with the right side.

So the technique is called Ball Roll Drag Cancel. All you have to do is perform Ball Roll Drag, then quickly hold L2 and R2 to cancel it. It looks so simple but it’s more effective than 95% of those other skill moves.

The reason why it’s so effective is because the way the ball will be rolled, your opponent will not know what you’re up to. It’s hard to defend against.

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