NBA 2K23: Things You Need to Know Before Playing NBA 2K23: Things You Need to Know Before Playing

NBA 2K23: Things You Need to Know Before Playing

Aug 25, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

The update of NBA 2K23 is always one of the most exciting parts among the players, before you add NBA 2K23 in your shopping list, here are something you have to know before your payment.

This year's cover athletes, not one, not two but four. Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan graces the championship edition and his very own Michael Jordan edition, the standard edition and digital deluxe editions have three-time NBA all-star Devin Booker, additionally the WNBA edition with Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, but it only sells in the US and Canada.

Jordan Challenges is back, with Michael Jordan's return as a cover athlete, the Jordan Challenges back from NBA 2K11 has returned. All 10 original challenges which cover legendary moments from MJ in college, team USA and to the NBA. More details are still releasing, various teammates and rivals will also provide commentary and appear as the special guests to look back Jordan's career.

New pro stick combos, the gameplay has usually been criticized very stubbornly and solid, as much controversy as the NBA 2K series micro transactions. So this year EA looks to revamp things significantly starting with the new pro stick combo. There are new tools for shooting and ball handling with the ‘Gesture Combos’, and brand new commands could also be set to perform dunk. Current gen players benefit from physics-based rim hangs, letting you even control when and how long a player hangs from the rim following a dunk.

Myteam returns in NBA 2K23 with a larger set of customization tools for creating your ideal squad, this time around one can recruit across any era adding some legendary players to the roster, including Devin Booker and Michael Jordan of course.

4k 60 fps and HDR on current-gen is also an important part. According to its official X-box page, NBA 2K23 supports 4k ultra these same settings on the PS5 as well. The resolution and frame rate for the X-box one and PS4 versions are uncertain, but they shouldn't be too much different from last year's edition.

For the PC players, if you want to enjoy the game without any issues, here is the recommend list for your PC requirements.

The update of NBA 2K23 represents that the EA have strong confidence on dominating the basketball game market. It could be guaranteed that there is much more fun than NBA 2K22 with those updates. On the other hand NBA 2K23 MT plays an important part of your game experiences. The return of Myteam gives you a big chance to create a perfect dream team with the all-stars in different gens, thus the NBA 2K23 MT is the best way to help you trading your favourite players. The question is, where to get the enough coins? Utnice could be your priority assistant. The cheap price with high quality online serves will solve all your issues during the purchase. Do not hang around anymore, move your fingers, click the link, come to buy!

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