NBA 2K23: The Brand New Things in Myteam Updates

Sep 01, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

EA just released the new blog of NBA 2K23 Myteam, there are obviously some exciting things inside will effect your game experiences significantly, and today we are going to talk about those updates that look amazing.

The first thing I like is in 2K23 you can pause the game menu while do the challenges. Back then you may have forgotten the goals of your challenges when you focused on the game content, now in 2K23 you do not have to worry about that. You can check what goals you need to reach via pausing and game, and checking the menu meanwhile your agendas will always exist. It is not an inside out update but it could make your game experiences more sooth, I am glad to see EA has done this.

Secondly you can save your defensive setting. This update is welcomed in players community, when you open the coaching menu in Myteam that you can place your defensive settings and save them for the next game. I have to admit that I quickly fall in love with this update, finally I do not have to reset exactly the same defensive setting for every single game in 2K.

The next thing may possibly make a lot of people clap and cheer is finally EA removed the contracts in Myteam. No more contracts in 2K23 anymore, it is absolutely an excellent news. If you played the 2K series in the past you may know how annoying the contract is, I do not even understand why EA have to put contracts in the game, thanks god it is gone now. Meanwhile 2K also say in the blog that when you do the solo play challenges, you can easily restart is if you think you probably going to lose. All those good changes because of one thing, no contracts.

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