NBA 2K23: Changes Are Differed from the 2K Series Before

Aug 30, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

With the leak inform of NBA 2K23, there are some new updates that lots of people may find. So today let us talk about some things that 2K23 changed a lot.

New shot meter in 2K23, EA has changed the dunk meter for the first time, last year some people liked the dunk meter, some people hated it. Personally I think it's fine, what people didn't really like is the dunk meter itself. This year it appears that they have changed the dunk meter to mimic the shot meter, so the new shot meter that we're getting this year. the meter is supposedly going to be either the same as this or it's really similar, and I think it's good that they're changing it to look like the shot meter, there's no need to have two different meters in the game.

The Green animation pops up with a little delay now. It adds more suspense to whether or not you're actually Greening the shot, personally I'd rather just know right now if it's Green or not, I don't really see how it's good or bad to really change, this it kind of just seems like change for the sake of change, but that is supposedly something that will be happening in NBA 2K23.

The NBA 2K23 game speed feels slower than 2K22, moreover the shot speed is also significantly slower. That was also confirmed by NBA player Scotty Barnes, who said the same thing on his live stream a few days ago. He said the game does feel slower, and the shot speed feels slower than last year. I feel like 2K usually does feel slower at the beginning of the year, or when people play the test versions they always say the game feels slower, and usually people complain when the game comes out and they wind up speeding it back up after an update or two. But you also have to find the balance between realism and video game, because if you make it too slow, then the game just feels boring to a lot of people. But if you make it way too fast, then it becomes a little too weir.

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